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Afghan OG

A Near-Narcotic Stunner with 400 gr Yields!

Take classic Afghan Kush, toss in ton of OG Kush, and what do you get? A mind-numbing intercontinental blend with medical-grade power that keeps on coming!

  • Impressive Resin Content - Plenty of Visible Crystals
  • Genuine King of Nepal Genetics
BWB OG thumbnail


Sugar Cookie Flavour, Strong Body Buzz

XXX takes OG Kush to a whole new level with amazing flavours, strong physical stones & top-notch quality. Come for the flavour, stay for the frost!

  • 200 to 350 gr/m2 Yields
  • Ready by October Outside
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Banana OG


Apothecary Genetics is spot on with this amazing cannabis seed! Combining OG Kush with the infamous Banana strain is tops in our book.

  • 350 to 400 gr/m2 in Yield
  • Fast 7 to 8 Week Finishes
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Blueberry OG

Fruit Flavour, 7-Week Finishes

With Blueberry's lush, fruit flavour & certified OG Kush power, Blueberry OG is destined for greatness. Watch out Cups - here they come!

  • Mostly Indica - Physically Relaxing
  • Finishes by First of October Outside
Sour Grapes thumbnail

Sour Grapes

2011 Denver Medical Cup Winner!

Sour Grapes mixes Grape Ape's amazing colour & flavour with Sour Diesel's intense power & dankness for a winning combination. This cannabis seed tastes like a fine wine!

  • 7 to 8 Weeks with 350 to 500 gr/m2
  • Inside & Out - Medical Grade
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Latest Apothecary Genetics review

Afghan OG

"The Juggernaut" , 22 December 2017

Medical Marijuana Seeds Lovingly Crafted by a MMJ Patient!

If you're in dire need of all that MMJ promises to be, there's no better source for your cannabis seeds than the legendary Apothecary Genetics! Bret Bogue founded this amazing brand in 2004, but he got started way before that. In the 90's, Bret experienced some health problems & found that traditional Western medicine just didn't do it for him. As he looked for alternatives, he discovered the magical world of cannabis & the rest is history.

  • Founded by Bret Bogue in 2004
  • Currently Located in Southern California
  • Full Line of Kush Strains Plus Several Grapes
  • Including Very Rare Pre-98 Bubba Kush!

Since then, he has traveled the planet in search of the most elusive landrace strains to mix in with more traditional Cali-based hybrids to bring out the true power of this mystical herb, rather than just crossing & re-crossing the same tired, old DNA that has been in the commercial breeding pool for generations. To Bret's credit, his new creations were absolutely brilliant earning him 8 major Cups in Apothecary Genetics' name & 4 more in other names by 2015.

That's right - all those Grape Ape concentrates you may have enjoyed in Denver's little 2011 get-together were a direct result of Apothecary Genetics Regular Seeds!

If you're not local to Southern California or any other legal region, don't worry. You can get your own Cup-winning Apothecary Genetics Seeds from Gorilla Seeds through convenient international shipping. We service most countries, but not all, so please check before you get all excited about our low prices & amazing selection. And don't forget - it's up to you to know your local laws & how they pertain to you.

Order Your Genuine Apothecary Genetics Today - You'll Love 'em!

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