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Want to win yourself some sticky weed seeds?

You've been on our backs for ages about stickers, so The Gorilla finally got some, and to make sure the 1st run of 420 stickers get to the right hands, we're running the YOU’VE BEEN GORILLA’D - STICKER COMP.

Slap our new stickers in the funniest, hardest to reach and most daring places, take a picture of it, post it on our Facebook page or sponsored forums and you’re in the competition.

What can I win?

We’ve set aside an amazing list of high quality cannabis seeds, from the most respected breeders on earth and if that’s not enough, we'll even let the best entries pick their own seeds from our website.

3 packs, 5 packs, 10 packs and mixed packs including high THC, regular, feminised, indica, Sativa and Autoflowering strains will all be up for grabs. Here are a few examples:

We would love the riskiest situations to get slapped with the Gorilla sticker, but be careful – slapping a cop in the face is a jailable offence in most places, even if it’s just a sticker!


THE BEST “YOU’VE BEEN GORILLA’D” will win instant prizes. We have a list in mind for the best shots, but it’s completely up to you. Gran's forehead or car bumper will do, but Air Force One or Big Ben is better – breaking into NASA and slapping a sticker on a satellite bound for mars would be epic and probably make the news, but don't blame us if NASA security uses deadly force!

All other regular places will be added to a list and multiple winners will be chosen to receive free seeds.

*How do I get a sticker?

Only 1 will be issued per person, and we only have 420. Facebook message or forum PM The Gorilla your postage details & email address, and we'll get one in the post. The comp starts as soon as you get the sticker and will run until we say.

There are no rules, only common sense to what you can do with the stickers. But remember - we're not bailing you out or paying damages if you do something crazy.

Germinating any cannabis seeds you win from Gorilla is strictly forbidden in most places. Don’t get them wet. Ganga seeds are sent by tracked mail but are not guaranteed – missing seeds must be taken up with postal/customs officials. Stickers sent by standard post.

Competition seeds CAN NOT be reshipped!

*Alternatively, you can print out the image below and blu tack or sellotape your own sticker.


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