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Assorted Mix Auto Feminised Seeds

In the 10 seed mix you will find seeds from the following strains: White Dwarf,Red Dwarf,Deimos,Syrupand 6 seeds from different strains that will be in the market in the future or experimental hybrids, between them you´ll find smells and flavours which will remind you of the biggest classics a…
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Deimos Auto Feminised Seeds

Deimos from Buddha Seeds is a hybrid which origins are mostly indica (Northern Lights), a work of selection of 7 generations in order to obtain the features of a Classic in an auto flowering plant. Deimos is big sized hybrid, with good developmen in width and high. The selection of the more branched…
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Magnum Auto Feminised Seeds

This three-way hybrid, from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties with rapid, vigor, bursts into buds in the flowering stage. Given its dimensions it is not advisable for indoors. This AutoFem reaches its peak outdoors. In soil or large container, it can become a real monster,…
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Pulsar Feminised Seeds

Pulsar is a non-autoflowering cross between Dutch and Central American sativas.One of the most peculiar attributes is its high production and big sativas charge.It is extremely vigorous so it is important to prune the tips indoors. If outdoors, it is recommended to start it towards the end of the se…
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Purple Kush Auto Feminised Seeds

Purple Kush from Buddha Seeds is a fast-flowering, 100% purple variety - a beautiful girl of any collection, not only for its passionate purple colour but also for its unique and intense smell.Compact in size and short cycle makes Purple Kush an ideal strain for the impatient cannabis lover.Purple K…
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Quasar Auto Feminised Seeds

Quasar, which comes from a pure indica and a back crossed sativa, unifies the best of both strains into a choice hybrid. Highly vigorous,she reduces indoor timing; it also yields radiant outdoor buds. It has a powerful structure that easily stands the weight of several buds, hard and compact to the…
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Red Dwarf Auto Feminised Seeds

Budda Seeds Red Dwarf was born from the auto flowering parental strain that led to White Dwarf, hybridized with an exceptional skunk type female, and crossed to maintain the auto-flowering pattern. Budda Seeds Red Dwarf is a compact, female, auto-flowering, resinous strain with its cannabis seeds gi…
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White Dwarf Auto Feminised Seeds

White Dwarf is an auto flowering variety with a pervasive scent and a sweet flavour. This is derived from the crossing of two powerful indica's.White Dwarf is ready two months from her start, regardless of photoperiod.This trait makes it perfect for early crops. Plus, it's small discreet siz…
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