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Skunk #1

Our Bulk Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds are of outstanding quality, mostly sativa genetics give Skunk #1 a massive yield and super potent High THC content. Flowering Time is in just under 9 weeks. Suitable for indoors and greenhouse. Finishes in Late October outdoors. Our Bulk Cannabis Seeds are sold in un…
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White Widow

Top Quality Bulk White Widow Feminized Cannabis SeedsOur White Widow bulk are descendant from an Indian/Brazilian heritage. White Widow is mostly Sativa, High THC, quick flowering time with High Yields.Our Bulk White Widow Seeds are sold in unbranded packs - the more you buy the more you save.Femini…
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Latest Bulk Cannabis Seeds review

Skunk #1

Demison Branco , 26 November 2017

Gorilla Seeds Just Changed the Game - Big Time!

Professional collectors have always been able to save a little dough by buying their cannabis seeds in bulk, but The Gorilla just snatched that unfair advantage right out from under their greedy asses to completely level the playing field. Now everyone can afford to go big instead of just going home!

Think bulk cannabis seeds must mean crap that no one else wants? Think again! On these pages, you'll find some of the world's most highly sought-after strains like White Widow, Skunk, Cheese, Diesel, Northern Lights & more in regular, feminized and fully automatic form.

If you don't see a marijuana seed you'd kill for today, check back tomorrow. The Gorilla is constantly adjusting this section as our stock levels ebb & flow.

There's only one catch to buying from this section. Each and every cannabis seed here is carefully crafted & fully tested by the best breeders in Europe, but we're bound by a blood oath to keep their identities a secret so that you don't give them any grief over the smaller packs. We could tell you, but that means a midnight visit from The Gorilla - and no one wants that.

Put Your Game Face On & Buy Bulk Cannabis Seeds from Gorilla Seeds!

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