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Ceres Easy Rider Autoflowering Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Ceres Easy Rider Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Named for the famous road movie that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, Easy Rider is the first so-called “automatic flowering” variety in Ceres Seeds’ collection.This short, compact and auto-flowering dwarf has its roots in Russia, Afghanistan and Colombia. It is a quick a…
Ceres Kush Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Ceres Kush Feminised Seeds

Pure indica, the Ceres Seeds of this famous marijuana strain have hard nuggets on a short compact breed. The roots of this cannabis variety go to Afghanistan and India, the countries where people have been using different marijuana varieties for medical purposes and can really enjoy the effect. Kus…
Ceres Mix Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Ceres Mix Feminised Seeds

Ceres Feminized Mix offers you a great selection of top quality feminised cannabis seeds from Ceres SeedbankThe best from Ceres Seeds in ONE pack! …
Ceres Skunk Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Ceres Skunk Feminised Seeds

Ceres Skunk Female Cannabis Seeds by the Ceres Seed Bank. These feminized marijuana seeds produce all females thus avoiding the need to sex anything.Ceres Seeds' own version of a good-old Skunk. This variety is also a great choice for beginners because of its stability and persistence under alm…
Fruity Thai Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Fruity Thai Feminised Seeds

Fruity Thai Cannabis Seeds from the Ceres Seedbank.Fruity Thai is a tropical surprise, a blend of 'Dutch' varieties and Original Thai give you the best of both sides of the indica/sativa spectrum.A fresh & sweet retro- flavour, and a clear 'high' effect, combined with an excellen…
Hollands Hope Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Hollands Hope Feminised Seeds

For a long time Holland's Hope was the only variety that could resist the Dutch rain.Mould resistant, ideal for the northern hemisphere, mild stoned effect. Nice, easy smoke with a subtle, natural flavour. …
Northern Lights x Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Northern Lights x Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds

Northern Lights x Skunk#1, two classic giants brought together in a F1 super hybrid! This champion amazes both professional and connoisseur time and time again! Northern Lights x Skunk #1 is a heavy yielder which makes it an interesting strain for the commercial purposes. NORTHERN LIGHTS x SKUNK#1 …
Orange Bud Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Orange Bud Feminised Seeds

This evergreen from sunny California has been around for more than 25 years. Orange Bud, with it's easy mellow effect and smooth, pleasant smoking features it is still a variety that's very much in demand with the 'light smoker'.Orange Bud is one in the category; quick flowering and …
Purple Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Purple Feminised Seeds

The beautiful Purple from Ceres Seeds is a classic that is popular all over the world.It is a quick flowering variety that was developed for outdoors. Of course this cannabis seed would also do well indoors, under lights. …
Skunk Haze Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Skunk Haze Feminised Seeds

For a lot of people Haze is the ultimate smoke. Haze has a unique sweet flavour and a very uplifting effect. It's the stuff dreams are made of! By crossing the Haze with Skunk this variety produces a heavier crop and a spicier flavour.Skunk Haze is not the easiest seed to collect, but the bounty…
White Indica Feminised Seeds thumbnail

White Indica Feminised Seeds

White Indica is the quick flowering, high yielding variety with white coated dense buds. White Indica grows massive buds! With its big leaves, it's easy to cut & clean. White Indica grows buds like no other girl around. She is a shorty that does not carry a lot of leaves, therefore she is ea…
White Panther Feminised Seeds thumbnail

White Panther Feminised Seeds

White Panther is renamed to honour Ceres seeds dear friend, poet and radio maker John Sinclair who co-founded the legendary White Panther party in 1968.Twice favorite with the connoisseurs at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000! The multiple award winning White Panther, f.k.a. White Smurf, is the orig…
White Widow Feminised Seeds thumbnail

White Widow Feminised Seeds

With it's legend known all over the world, White Widow is a true coffee shop classic!This superior indica crossing has a long lasting stoned effect and is, of course, completely snow-dusted with THC, even on the leaves! …
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