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Bruce Banner BX 2.0 thumbnail

Bruce Banner BX 2.0

Strawberry Diesel #3 X Bruce Banner #3

This remix gives couchlocking Bruce Banner a definite Sativa lean for enhanced fruit flavour and a more energizing, uplifting high that's every bit as strong as the original.

  • Needs 10 Weeks of Flowering to Finish
  • Incredible Smell and Taste
Chem Berry D thumbnail

Chem Berry D

Fruit & Funk Collide in this Powerhouse - 32% THC!

Both Chem & Strawberry Diesel are known for their potency, but this new combo pushes the limits of possibility with THC levels that average between 25 & 32%. Lesser seeds could only hope to reach that peak!

  • Sativa Dominant - High Yielder
  • Requires a 9 to 10 Week Finish
Cherry Wonka thumbnail

Cherry Wonka

Like Candied Fruit Flavour? Get This Seed!

Dark Horse Genetics took all the best fruity American strains, put them through the genetic blender & came out with Cherry Wonka. It is, without a doubt, the closest thing to a Jolly Rancher you'll ever get!

  • Juliet #3 (FruitSnacks) X Gobstopper
  • Mostly Sativa - 8 Week Bloomer
Face Melt OG thumbnail

Face Melt OG

Ridiculously Potent with a Hint of Purple Added In!

Dark Horse genetics stabilized the legendary Face Melt OG with a hint of Purple, but the power will still blow you away thanks to an insane potency level. Anything more would be toxic!

  • Genetics from Archive & Rare Dankness
  • Docs OG X Grimace OG
Gamma Berry thumbnail

Gamma Berry

Concentrated Strawberry Jam Aroma - 28% THC!

If the scent of ripe strawberries makes you drool like Pavlov's dog, get you some Gamma Berry Seeds. This is a Bruce Banner #5 X Strawberry Diesel backcross for more yield, more strawberry aroma & more potency.

  • Balance Hybrid - Physical & Mental
  • High Yields & Thick Resin
Hulk Smash thumbnail

Hulk Smash

Happier Bruce Banner - 30% THC!

If Bruce Banner's extreme couchlock gets you down, release the beast with this balanced mixed hybrid by Dark Horse Genetics. Your old friend BB#4 is backcrossed with Original Strawberry Diesel for a more euphoric high.

  • Bruce Banner #3 X Strawberry Diesel
  • Superior Potency - Finishes in 63 to 70 Days
King's Banner thumbnail

King's Banner

Royal Stones - Totally Couchlocking!

If you're looking for a medicinal Indica that'll knock you out in a single punch, try this Bruce Banner hybrid. King's Banner has it all including an extra-thick layer of gooey, dab-friendly resin.

  • 9 Week Finishes - Mostly Indica
  • High Yields & High Potency
Lemon Cream Seeds thumbnail

Lemon Cream Seeds

Unique Tart Lemon Flavour - 8-Week Sativa

It's hard to find a Sativa-dominant weed seed that can finish in just 8 weeks, but Lemon Cream fits the bill. You might even find a few 7-weekers in your 10 pack. How great is that?

  • Abundant Trichomes - Extract Friendly
  • Lemon X Cookies & Cream
Lemon Head Seeds thumbnail

Lemon Head Seeds

An 8-Week Sativa with a Sweet & Sour Punch!

With Dark Horse's Lemon Head Strain, expect wave after wave of intense flavour to come crashing down. First mouth-puckering sour, next crisp citrus, and to finish it off, candied lemon. Yum!

  • Filled with Aromatic Terpenes including Limonene
  • Heady Highs, XL Yields, Impressive Crystal Content
Orange Cream Seeds thumbnail

Orange Cream Seeds

Sative-Dominant with Tons of Shiny Crystals!

If oils & extracts are on your mind, go with Orange Cream Seeds by Dark Horse Genetics. The yields are high, the resin is thick and the crisp orange flavour is hard to beat - a must-try for citrus lovers!

  • Orange Dot Female X Lemon Male
  • Ceiling Free Highs - Very Potent
Original Bruce Banner thumbnail

Original Bruce Banner

Original Genetics - 32% THC!

Due to its high potency level & extremely high resin content. Bruce Banner has been in high demand & short supply ever since it became a Colorado favourite in 2008. Now, you can DIY it with your own seeds from Big G!

  • Original OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel
  • Dubbed the Strongest Strain of All Time!
Strawberry Glue thumbnail

Strawberry Glue

Strawberry Diesel Makes Gorilla Glue Even Better!

Today's most popular strain collides with a true legend to create a brand-new, trichome-covered superstar with an incredible aroma, delectable flavour & a stupendous 28% THC. Yowza!

  • Indica Dominant with High Yields
  • Beautiful Buds - Incredible Bag Appeal
Strawberry Shortcake Seeds thumbnail

Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Sweet & Twangy with an Eye-Popping 22% THC!

Strawberry Shortcake Seeds sound sweet & the flavour totally is, but there's nothing delicate about the ruthless Sativa high that knows no boundaries. She's a raging cannabis maniac!

  • Juliet (J3 Cut) X Strawberry Diesel
  • Perfect for Extracts - High Resin Content
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Latest Dark Horse Genetics Regular review

Strawberry Glue

cloakwork , 31 January 2018

Bruce Banner - the Strongest Strain on Earth According to High Times!

You've been asking for the original Bruce Banner Seeds, so Big G's got them for you. Quit b*tching & order your 10 pack now!

If you haven't heard about Bruce Banner Strain, we'll tell you the legendary tale! Back in 2004, the founder of Dark Horse Genetics was gifted an Original OG Kush by Marc Hale, another elite Colorado breeder. Then, in 2006, he got lucky again & won a full pack of the Original Strawberry Diesel from a Rez Auction on Seedbay. Immediately, he put these two strains together and came up with an awesome new powerhouse he dubbed Bruce Banner.

In 2008, Dark Horse's founder opened the Delta 9 dispensary in Denver & used Bruce Banner as his house brand. Within days, the Colorado cannabis community was abuzz & they could barely keep the BB jars filled. Lines formed around the block, waiting lists stacked up and people anxiously listened for the phone to ring. Soon the awards started rolling in:

  • High Times Caregivers Cup 2009
  • High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 2014
  • Best US Non-solvent Hash 3rd place
  • Strongest Strain on Earth According to High Times
  • High Times 25 Greatest Strains of All Time - #9!
  • .

How can you pass on a marijuana seed like that? Especially now that you don't have to wait forever to get it! Just order your choice of Dark Horse Genetics gear in a 10-pack from Gorilla Seeds & we'll get it to your door in practically no time whether you go with Original Bruce Banner, a Banner cross or a Gorilla Glue hybrid. If something's been lacking in your life, now's the time to fix it!

Don't Wait Another Second - Order a Pack of Dark Horse Genetics Seeds Now!

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