Stealth shipping provides a guaranteed second delivery attempt should your parcel not arrive due to problems with your domestic postal service.

                                        Stealth Packaging  


Shipped in Sealed Breeder Packs

Whether you choose our standard level of discreet shipping or go with super stealth, all cannabis seeds are shipped in their original breeder packs when possible.

That way, you will be 100% confident that you received exactly what you paid for. Plus, some of the seed packets are hella cool. Think of it as the album art of the seed world.

Note that some breeders have very large packaging that will not fit in our stealth cases without possibly damaging the seeds. We reserve the right to remove seeds from the breeder packs as necessary to make sure your package is secure. We will only do this if it's absolutely necessary.



Reliable Stealth Shipping Method


Most breeder packs include crush-proof containers like tins, plastic capsules or even state-of-the-art eppendorf tubes with packing material that further cushions the beans while it maintains the exact conditions for optimal storage, but The Gorilla takes it one step further with our stealth delivery service. He'll put them inside a DVD case along with a random film to protect the contents and disguise their true identity. Sneaky, huh?

Remember, these are random movies. We can't tell you what you'll get, and you can't choose a title during checkout. 



Dispatched Through Royal Mail


All orders including our stealth packaging option are mailed via trackable Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Service for a low, low price. The mailer is completely pristine (blank) except for the bare minimum required to make sure you receive your order - the delivery address, the postage & the barcode. There are no stamps, no stickers & no Gorilla Seeds logo to give you away. 

With the order number included in the confirmation, you can trace your parcel using the cool Gorilla Seeds' Order Tracker so that you know when your seeds are at any given time. 

Follow These Steps to Add Stealth Packaging to Your Order:

  1. Add Your Preferred Seeds to Your Basket.

  2. View Your Basket & Scroll Down Until You See Your Packaging Options.

  3. Choose Stealth Packaging for a Very Affordable £7.49.

  4. Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout to Complete Your Order.

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