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Azure Haze

A Silver Haze mother, Bay Area origin clone, crossed with the famous 'stretch-indica' blueberry male to create the same cross as the Blue Dream. The Azure Haze, however, is one generation closer to the P1 landrace ancestry--the Blue Dream cross used an f5 Blueberry male, whereas the 'str…
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A mostly indica strain (approx. 80% indica/20% sativa) that dates to the late 1970's. A large producer under optimum conditions, that produces dense bud with red, purple and finally blue hues that usually cure to a lavender blue. A "stretch" indica, medium-tall, with long side branches…
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F13 - 10 Regular Seeds

DJ Short F13 is a Holy Grail plant of four-star excellence. Previously unreleased, it is a very desirable product and potential breeder. DJ Short F13 is a mostly sativa hybrid of medium height with long, spear-shaped, dense and resinous buds and an earlier finish-time than most sativa strains. The s…
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Grape Krush - 10 Regular Seeds

DJ Short's Grape Krush is a very productive hybrid of high quality. This cannabis seed exhibits partial to full fan deformities of the `crinkle` type but with good structure and heavy bud production of large calyxes. The Grape Krush is a high yielding weed seed. The buds express a strong sharp/f…
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Vanilluna (aka Vanilla Moon) a structurally Kush hybrid of a cross between a female Blueberry Sativa (from the exact same seed stock that produced the mother of the Blue Satellite; the mother of the Vanilluna being large, green, symmetric with a distinct dominant main-stem and compact nodes, little …
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