Eco Friendly Policy

Bananas are the Only Thing at Gorilla that Ain't Green!

Gorilla Seeds was green before being green was hip & cool - and we're not just talking weed green either. We operate in a responsible manner in every way possible from conserving packing materials to powering our warehouse with renewable energy sources. Hell, The Gorilla even tosses his banana peels in the compost pile out back. 

  • Gorilla Seeds Stocks 100% Organic Cannabis Seeds When Possible
  • Renewable Energy, Recycled Paper, Paperless Communications
  • A New Rooftop Rain Garden Reduced Our Heating Costs by 30%

Whenever possible, we partner with breeders who can deliver a consistent supply of all-natural, 100% organic cannabis seeds for the safest products possible. This means that no toxic chemicals ever come into contact with their premium weed seeds. Together, we can save the world one marijuana seed at a time!

Go Green - Buy Your Beans from Gorilla Seeds, the Eco-Friendly Seed Bank!

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