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Krippleberry Auto thumbnail

Krippleberry Auto

Your 'Script for Potent, Berry-Infused Seeds!

Krippleberry Auto Seeds are a fresh take on Original Blueberry with rapid finishes inside or out paired with generous THC & debilitating highs!

  • 16% THC - Fully Autoflowering
  • Stays Under 115 cm - 70 Days or Less!
707 Truthband thumbnail

707 Truthband

Premium Cali Genetics - 23% THC!

Based on the illustrious True OG strain, 707 Truthband is a powerful 70% Indica with profound power & eye-catching colours, but her true beauty lies within her long-lasting highs!

  • Greens, Reds & Purples
  • Complex Flavour & Aroma
Cheese Feminized Seeds thumbnail

Cheese Feminized Seeds

Considered the UK’s favourite strain for decades, Original Cheese has practically died out in favour of trendier American strains – until now! Barney’s Farm reached deep within their gene pool to reintroduce this classic Skunk to a new generation. This one is definitely stank – buy a fresh filter and get busy with this smoked cheddar classic. This cannabis seed has a ceiling-free high that knows no bounds. Get ready for a total tolerance breakthrough!
Chronic Thunder thumbnail

Chronic Thunder

Pure Indica, Awesomeness

Thunderstruck would have been another good name for Barney’s Farm Chronic Thunder. A heavy Indica dominant hybrid of Chronic x Alaskan Thunder. Awesome!

  • Rapid 7 to 8 Week Finishes
  • Pure Indica Genetics
Dizzy Lights Auto thumbnail

Dizzy Lights Auto

These Babies Shine - Tons of Crystals!

Beginner friendly, indoor friendly & extract friendly, Dizzy Lights Auto has never met a stoner she didn't like! These fast-paced cannabis seeds only need 75 days total.

  • Northern Lights Auto Genetics
  • Up to 1.5 Meters with 90 gr/seed
Auto Critical Soma thumbnail

Auto Critical Soma

Tastes Like Peach, Mango & Banana!

Auto Critical Soma is arguably the best-tasting AutoFem Advanced Seeds has ever bred, but these beauties have plenty of punch at 17% THC!

  • Fast 70 to 80 Day Finishes from Seed
  • Killer Yields - 350 to 450 gr/m2
Bubba Kush thumbnail

Bubba Kush

Completely saturated with resin, Bubba Kush is a classic hash strain that yields like a beast. Indoors, she only needs about 8 weeks of bloom to deliver 600 gr/m2, and she zooms straight to a full kilo outside during warm, sunny summers. Buds are big, dense and dank with fat calyxes popping with purple, gold and green hues beneath a thick carpet of orange hairs. Bubba Kush is everything good cannabis seeds should be!
Crimea Blue thumbnail

Crimea Blue

16% THC with Extra-Thick Frost!

Extra sticky & extract friendly, Crimea Blue Seeds shine in every single way thanks to a healthy dose of Hash Plant genetics!

  • Rosemary & Lemon Flavours
  • Short & Squat - 80 cm Max!
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