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88 G13 X Hash Plant


This 88 G-13 X Hash Plant strain has not been altered or improved in the slightest since 1988 - authentic, old-school genetics with proven power!

  • Can Get Huge - Needs Lots of Space
  • Requires 9-10 Weeks of Finish
Molokai Kush thumbnail

Molokai Kush


Molokai Kush only needs minimal effort for maximum results in only 9 to 10 weeks. This is a tall one so give your ladies plenty of head space if you're indoors.

  • Molokai Frost X Bubba Kush
  • Sativa/Indica Mixed Hybrid
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Latest HazeMan Seeds review

Molokai Kush

Johnwayne, 20 April 2016

HazeMan Seeds Delivers What You Deserve - Old-School Quality & Extreme Value!

Old-school to the core, HazeMan Seeds still doesn't even have a website, but that hasn't kept this elite breeder from making deep inroads in a very competitive cannabis seed industry. They were a well-kept secret for a long time, but now that The Gorilla has spilled the beans (pun fully intended), it'll be a world-wide HazeMan free-for-all and the cannabis community will be much better for it!

  • Reputable Breeder with Unbeatable Old-School Genetics
  • Specializing in Fine Hazes & High-Performance Indicas
  • Successfully Combining Value with the Highest Quality
  • Get 20% Off with All Cash Orders for Really Cheap Cannabis Seeds

With this magnificent brand, you'll get a full dozen regular seeds for less than £35 in almost every case with just a few extra-special blends going slightly higher. Whether you prefer mega-watt head stash from a superior Haze strain or the sublime chill of a premium Indica, you'll get a real bargain with HazeMan Seeds - plus, The Gorilla will take off another 20% for all cash payments for a deal that's nearly impossible to beat!

So, what's hot at HazeMan Seeds, you ask? Classic Strawberry Cough is a true throwback that's been satisfying eager stoners for generations, but how can you not try marijuana seeds with names like Monkey Balls, Elephant Stomper and Triple XXX? However, The Gorilla's favorite HazeMan flavour is Cocoa Puffs, a somewhat fast Sativa with a creamy chocolate essence that's hard to beat.

Add these babies to your own breeding program or simply enjoy them as they are. Either way, HazeMan Seeds are the shiznit!

Order Your Genuine HazeMan Seeds Today - Pay Cash & Get 20% Off!

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