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Smell Resistant Bags thumbnail

Smell Resistant Bags

Designed specifically for the cannabis community, odour-proof bags are a definite must-have. Now, you can get two, count then two, of the popular 4X6 size for just a pound note when you add any pack of cannabis seeds to your shopping bag. Get'cha some!
Lemon AK Auto thumbnail

Lemon AK Auto

This is a high powered take on the classic strain AK-47. With reduced flowering times and increased strength, you can expect 24% THC in as little as 8 weeks!
Blue Dream Auto thumbnail

Blue Dream Auto

This 75% Sativa has insane bud production, great effects and purple-blue flowers. Get some at Gorilla.
Grapefruit Auto thumbnail

Grapefruit Auto

A perfect strain for making concentrates, due to its unique and flawless terpene profile. This strain boasts a 10 week lifecycle and 20% THC. Get it today.
Strawberry Banana Auto thumbnail

Strawberry Banana Auto

FastBuds strongest autoflowering seed, at 27% THC - making it one of the strongest in the world. Add to that delicious, fruity flavours, and we've got a sure winner!
Forbidden Runt Auto thumbnail

Forbidden Runt Auto

It might be a sin, but this fruit is so delicious it's worth being thrown from paradise for. The global sensation Runtz is now available as potent and fast autoflowering cannabis seed.
Dos Si Dos Auto thumbnail

Dos Si Dos Auto

A powerful, autoflowering strain which boasts all the power and yield of its best photoperiod cousins. Get some Dos Si Dos Auto today!
Mimosa Cake Auto thumbnail

Mimosa Cake Auto

A world class auto seed, Mimosa Cake Auto combines a mouth watering terpense profile with 24% THC and yields pushing 550gr/m2 - all in 63 days. It doesn't get much better than this.
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