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Purple Caper

GrandDaddy Genetics + Yields Over 1.5 LBS!

If you run big lights, you can easily squeeze more than 1.5 elbows from this GrandDaddy Purp offspring. She looks great, smells even better, but none of that compares to how this 60% Indica feels.

  • (Granddaddy Purp X Diesel) X (White Widow X Pure Indica)
  • A California Legend - 20+ Years of Proven Power!
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Thinking About Making Your Own Weed Seeds? Start Off with Purple Caper!

Today's typical breeder is so focused on creating 100% feminized seeds that they seem almost afraid to mention males or fathers, but not Purple Caper Seeds. This crew knows that there's no substitute for male genetics in any elite breeding program and that solid, all-natural propagation methods always result in stronger cannabis seeds with more power, more yield, more aroma & better cloning abilities. Many Purple Caper Seeds can yield well over a full pound each - you gotta love that!

  • Bigger & Better Clones
  • More Yield, Faster - 1 LB or More!
  • Vigorous from the Start
  • Perfect for Outdoors!

To start, Purple Caper selects the 50 best males from a single strain, backcrosses for purity, then chooses only the most perfect candidates to act as fathers for the next generation of marijuana seeds. Some originate in California, like the original Purple Caper, and others, like Snow White, are imported from Amsterdam.

Next, the Purple Caper crew scours California for the most equally impressive mothers, like Gorilla Glue, Grand Daddy Purp & Girl Scout Cookies, to begin the cross-breeding process. The cool part is that, no matter how good the mother is, crossing her with a Purple Caper male will easily make her 10X better thanks to the unprecedented influence a Purple Caper father has on his offspring!

Purple Caper does not feminized their weed seeds as of 2017, so while you will be absolutely & completely satisfied with your purchase, Big G would be remiss if he didn't remind you that you're buying traditional cannabis seeds - we won't say regular, because there is nothing regular about this gear. Try'em & see!

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