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Ordered o Friday received on Monday - great freebies - good website and prices. Keep up the good work!
alex khan - 08 November 2021 20:57:20
fast and very reliable service , never had a problem . always recommend to family and friends and fellow herbalists .
miss flower power - 13 September 2018 21:24:15
good beans man! I love everything about this company! buck the rest and buy from the best! GORILLA FOR LIFE!!
TMO - 25 July 2018 19:33:26
Customer service is the BEST IN THE BIZ!!! I will DEFINITELY be ordering from the gorilla again!
sean m - 21 June 2017 02:21:18
Customer service is BEST IN THE BIZ!!! I will DEFINITELY be ordering from the gorilla in the future!!
sean m - 21 June 2017 02:18:07
Had a problem with some seeds sent a email Explaining the problem no questions asked they are putting a replacement in the mail today best on line seed co in the biz Happy and loyal customer!!!
Rodney - 05 June 2017 11:13:23
they are out right now of the ones i want :( but!!!!!! i am happy they came at me with a better deal for that reason, easy to deal with , thanks again " right in the ol collectors book thanks thanks /mike cant wait.
mike - 28 May 2017 22:30:42
Really great service! An extensive seed collection, pretty quick delivery (in UK at least), and customer support is responsive and genuine. (Even seen you fellas out responding to comments on other sites, even the painfully tedious ones.) All in all, guys, you have a great site. Happy to call myself a repeat customer. Cheers Gorilla. - H
Some Dude - 22 May 2017 17:03:11
there was a delay for the seeds that I ordered so they offered my a free upgrade that was even better. Super speedy at answering any questions you have, all round great customer service would definitely shop here again.
Bradley Seedhouse - 17 May 2017 04:37:34
Great vendor. I've been dealing with vendors since the internet came of age.. And I've got no complaints about this one.... Thanks from 420 magazine,, and Keepem Green
norcaliwood - 17 May 2017 02:45:27
looking forward too doing continued business and a free shirt :)
Andrew - 23 April 2017 07:31:43
Top of the list is the word trustworthy! Clear instructions and great service . Love the freebies!
Jim - 15 April 2017 18:50:41
Great guys !! will re order when i can !!
Kenny.D - 29 March 2017 11:10:53
Gorilla is the best place to shop. Great customer service. Fair prices. Will continue to do business with gorilla!
Jason - 23 March 2017 16:19:04
Customer service is top notch! Had issues with my payment method and they immediately resolved it and allowed me to pay differently. There was then an issue with my seeds which they solved within minutes. Can't wait to receive my souvenirs
Toast - 09 February 2017 14:05:40
Fantastic selection and prices with even better customer service. If you have a problem with the gorilla, you are impossible to satisfy.
Ryan Enlightened - 09 February 2017 06:49:06
gorilla is great love them... great seeds and great service everyone should use them
randy todd - 12 January 2017 16:42:08
I had a problem with my order Gorilla got RIGHT back to me with an option, and actually I made out better than my original order. Will come back again! THANK YOU
ginny - 11 January 2017 00:28:09
Just ordered for the 1st time from this seed bank for a friends Christmas present but with the voucher coupons the gorilla gives àway maybe I should start my own collection.
Kevin - 19 December 2016 12:01:40
Great seeds, Perfect for my "collection". Honestly this is the best Supplier of Cannabis seeds i've ever encountered. Better prices than the Deep web, Grand selection. Keep up the good work mates!
Peter Autonom - 09 November 2016 18:05:18
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