00 Seeds Available Now!

Gorilla has been madly stocking his shelves with his latest hot breeder 00 Seeds. Watch this space, over the next few week Gorilla will have imported the entire range of 00 Seeds strains , they will be available at the best prices you can find from any online UK Seed Bank.

00 Seeds Bank is a Spanish breeder of powerful autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds.They offer a wide range of high quality feminized seeds using the best marijuana genetics and specialise in indica varieties.

00 Seeds is a popular choice among growers looking for high-quality genetics to cultivate their own plants. 00 seeds offer a wide range of strains, each with unique characteristics in terms of flavor, potency, and growing requirements.

Please remeber to check the local law in your own country before making an order, germination of cannabis seeds is illegal on the UK.