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Anesia Seeds developed for extremely High THC & Connoisseur Quality !

Expect jaw breaking THC levels, Monster Buds from healthy and strong plants! Anesia have been developing and breeding their own very special cannabis strains for over 15 years and being together a wealth of botanicals an knowledge from Spain & California. These guys have the latest Blackberry Moon Rocks under there belt blog with other in demand strains like Bruce Banners & White Runtz

  • At Anesia Seeds, Developed for High THC!
  • 100% Premium Genetics - Expect Vigorous Growth Amazing Results
  • Top-Rated New Comer - A very popular new Seedbank

Since we launched Amnesia seeds into our seed catalogue - their popularity amongst growers has multiplied and spiralled positively in just a short time. Anesia Seeds genetics line up includes favourite choices such as Bruce Banner #3, Future #1, Blackberry Moonrocks & Hyper Glue

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