3 Top Fast Buds Strains Free When You Spend Over £29.99!

 Black Friday Cyber Monday


Here’s a stocking filler you won’t get from your Nan this Christmas – and it’s certainly not one to miss! Read on to learn how to get your loot.


Between now and Friday 21st December, every order you place over £29.99 will land you 3 top strains from our partners at Fast Buds when you use our festive promo code.


But we give stuff away all the time – what’s so special about this offer? Well, let me tell you what’s up for grabs:


Cream Cookies Auto – this beauty combines the genetics of Fast Buds’ mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower with a smooth and creamy sativa uplift!

Gorilla Glue Auto – This notorious number needs no introduction. A hybrid that delivers a knockout punch of euphoria and relaxation, that’ll leave you “glued” to the couch.

Stardawg Auto – Chemdawg genetics are legendary for their power & their goo, and Fast Bud’s new Stardawg Automatic does not disappoint! Completely coated all the way to the fans in visible, THC-infused crystals, these fully autoflowering seeds are incredibly potent.




Here’s how to get your festive freebies:


  1. Browse through our stuff and add your selected beans to the basket
  2. When you’re ready to checkout, hit the Shopping Bag icon at the top of the page
  3. Find the coupon code box and enter the following code:




Your free seeds will then automatically be added to your order.

In the UK it is an offence to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis. Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds as collectable genetic preservation souvenirs only. This means you can collect rare cannabis genetics in seed form and preserve them for the future in case the laws might change! Remember don’t grow cannabis – it’s against the law and the Gorilla doesn’t encourage anyone to engage in illegal activity! Please note that the readble content on this blog, product descriptions and related literature is all for information purposes only! If you are from overseas then you must check the law’s in your own country before making an order! If we suspect someone is likely to break the law then we will not sell to them!

Any issues with your order? Just get in touch via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.