About The Gorilla Seed Bank


Gorilla Seed Bank may be relatively young, but with more than 40+ years of cannabis seed experience shared between its founding members, you won’t find any novices here.

Based in the UK but with an international spread, the Gorilla team has had their hairy hands in projects since they were cannabis seed infants, but having surged to the pinnacle of the industry, and had success in each of their particular fields, they have decided to come together to form a cannabis seed ‘super-group'.

The evolution of the Gorilla


For a decade in his natural habitat, our gorilla faced every predator imaginable. While he easily handled a hungry leopard or snake, nothing prepared him for a world so hostile to The Real Gorilla Seeds.

But what didn’t kill this massive ape only made him stronger. Today, our same dedicated, lovable gorilla is still your best source for feminized seeds. However, he’s all grown up. By his 10th birthday, the guy’s seen everything.

From Russian hackers to scammers and Brexit, no unstoppable force can challenge this immovable object.

And our gorilla has battle scars to show for it. His face is tough and rugged from years of fighting, you see the burning anger in his eyes. But beneath those flames and defiant roars, there’s something stronger than vengeance or fury.

Real Gorilla Seeds

Nothing makes our gorillas angrier than less evolved animals who use our name to push their quality cannabis seeds. We’re The Real Gorilla Seeds, not Wish.com. When we say you get amazing feminized seeds, we mean it.

Clearly, imitators don’t understand the danger of angering a wild gorilla - especially one fiercely loyal to his cannabis seeds customers. He’s taken plenty of hits, so go ahead and mess with his body. But anyone who messes with this name had better be good at camouflage. The gorilla doesn’t appreciate imposters in his jungle!

The Real Gorilla Seeds is proud to have a gorilla who shares our values. Plus, he takes payment in bananas, which cuts our overhead. In turn, we pass those savings on to you, the people who keep us going!


Our gorilla doesn’t care who or what stands in his way. For this, some may call him a hero. But in his mind, he’s just keeping it real!

Nothing Can Stop This Beast!

Like a spitfire pilot on a one-way mission, our gorilla doesn’t worry about himself. His goal - his entire purpose - is to deliver premium cannabis seeds. This plan was the same 10 years ago as it is now - but with extra muscle.

This fierce but friendly ape saw his share of flak, dodging bullets from every direction from greedy poachers trying to steal The Real Gorilla Seeds. Consequently, there’s probably no obstacle this hairy powerhouse hasn’t seen. But like the champ he is, our gorilla eats through them like fresh bananas.

Worldwide lockdowns? Our ape isn’t a fan of cages. Self-righteous haters? Try hating him to his face. Borders? A gorilla’s world is borderless.

If the gorilla could speak, “quit” wouldn’t be in his vocabulary.


Nice looking bunch doesn't you think? looks can be deceiving! But in this case, they're not! These guys make The Gorilla Seed Bank what it is today. Without them, The Gorilla would be stuffed. The Gorilla started with just one man and a vision.

After years of frustration ordering cannabis seeds for himself from other seed banks and being continually let down, Alex knew he could provide a much better and personalized service, which was something the other seed banks had seemed to have forgotten.

The Chief Gorilla decided to recruit like-minded passionate and devoted people to assist on his crusade in making collecting cannabis seeds a hell of a lot nicer and easier, leaving you with literally no alternative but to come back for more! Checkout out The Gorilla Story for our history.

Where is Gorilla going?

Gorilla has a phenomenal team who are incredibly passionate about their industry. They are constantly researching, testing, improving, and perfecting everything: from Gorilla’s selection of cannabis seeds to their telephone manner and Gorilla impersonations.

What is the Goal?

The ultimate goal of Gorilla Seed Bank is to become the first place every cannabis seed fan comes for cannabis seeds because they know it is the place to come for the best deals, the best quality seeds, and the best service anywhere.

This Gorilla Means Business.

“Gorilla’s goal is to provide nothing but the best of the best, to every customer at all times: the best seeds, of the best quality, from the best breeders, and at the best prices. All wrapped up in a completely trustworthy and reliable service.”

Head Gorilla

Featured Seedbanks

To make sure that's what you get with each premium cannabis seed, The Gorilla personally investigates every seed bank to make sure they're up to snuff. Unless a breeder can deliver a consistent supply of absolutely brilliant and shockingly unique strains, they won't earn a top spot at Gorilla Seed Bank.

The Gorilla doesn't invite just anyone to the party - each Seed Bank is reviewed & investigated to make sure they know their sh*t. Once the grilling is over, we'll price their cannabis seeds as low as we can go & still stay in business. And, that, my friend, is how Gorilla Seed Bank is building the widest selection of the absolutely best marijuana beans ever seen by man or beast!