Gorilla Seeds Flash Sale Starts Now!

40% OFF Plus Other Discounts Apply – Supplies Limited!

Big G ordered a bit too many of some of our best cannabis seeds. We don’t let anything gather dust on our shelves, so his f**k-up is your gain. Right now, you can get these fabulous beans for 40% off their regular price. Plus, we’re running a Black Friday sale right now too – that’ll get you a little more off if you know how to use a coupon code. Hint, hint!


Supplies are limited. Stock is not reserved until payment is received. And, we reserve the right to limit quantities if you get too greedy.


What’s up for grabs? Here’s a little sample to wet your whistle:

  1. SFV OG Kush – The best one, direct from the San Fernando Valley
  2. Original Bruce Banner – They’re regular, but the real deal with 32% THC!
  3. King’s Kush – A Greenhouse Seeds specialty

You will absolutely never find better prices than these. Get’em while you can!


As always, all cannabis seeds sold by Gorilla Seeds are collectible novelty items suitable for adult souvenirs. Do not germinate or cultivate any of our products.

In the UK it is an offence to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis. Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds as collectable genetic preservation souvenirs only. This means you can collect rare cannabis genetics in seed form and preserve them for the future in case the laws might change! Remember don’t grow cannabis – it’s against the law and the Gorilla doesn’t encourage anyone to engage in illegal activity! Please note that the readble content on this blog, product descriptions and related literature is all for information purposes only! If you are from overseas then you must check the law’s in your own country before making an order! If we suspect someone is likely to break the law then we will not sell to them!