New Yieldmonger Cannabis Seeds Available

We are proud to have stocked up on all the latest YieldMonger Strains for 2024, as the name suggest’s these cannabis seeds will produce top beef when it comes to yields.

Get your 2024 YieldMonger Strains Today before they sell out!

Jumbo Runtz

Mega Bucks Auto

Super Scoop

Bear Gorilla

Fat Caramel Auto

Auto Mother Ape Shit

Auto Candied Satsuma

Yieldmonger is a long-lasting collaboration of professional breeders and cannabis experts from both Europe and the USA.

When you choose Yieldmonger seeds you can rest assured that you have chosen some of the most stable and highest yielding cannabis seeds available. Yieldmonger seeds are quickly being recognised as supplying some of the best cannabis seeds available anywhere in the world.