Save 20% On These Bad-Ass Threads This Weekend ONLY!

In the UK it is an offence to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis. Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds as collectable genetic preservation souvenirs only. This means you can collect rare cannabis genetics in seed form and preserve them for the future in case the laws might change! Remember don’t grow cannabis – it’s against the law and the Gorilla doesn’t encourage anyone to engage in illegal activity! Please note that the readble content on this blog, product descriptions and related literature is all for information purposes only! If you are from overseas then you must check the law’s in your own country before making an order! If we suspect someone is likely to break the law then we will not sell to them!

Big G is always styling & profiling, and now you can, too. He’s just launched a small but fabulous apparel line featuring the way-cool Gorilla brand. What could be more bad-ass than that?


To celebrate, he’s partying down with a 20% OFF free-for-all on all clothing items this weekend only. Supplies are limited. Time is short. Grab yours while you can!

First Up: The Bad-Ass Gorilla T-Shirt!

Made of a soft, comfy cotton blend that breathes and moves with you, the bad-ass Gorilla T is perfect for everyone. It’s available to fit all sizes, from spider monkeys to massive silverbacks, and it sports our signature logo, complete with a fully-armed grenade and a discreet little cannabis leaf. Wear yours proudly!

Next It’s The Bad-Ass Hoodie – Everyone’s Go-To Garment!

Who doesn’t like to snuggle in their favourite hoodie on cool mornings, during colder nights and in any situation that requires the utmost in discretion? This pullover is also in basic black but has the full logo on the back, with a single grenade on the front, for a more versatile look. If there was an official Gorilla Seeds uniform, this hoodie would be part of it. We love it & so will you!

More To Come … Much, Much More!

There’s no stopping The Gorilla once he gets going, and now that he’s got it in his big, hairy head that he’s a fashion designer, the word is caps, hats, jumpers, ladies tanks, banana beaters, bags and maybe even kicks are in the works. We won’t know what we’re getting until each piece get here, but we do know one thing: More randomly announced sales, deals, freebies and giveaways will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Get Yours This Weekend – At 20% OFF, There’s No Excuse Not To Dress Like Big G!