5 Seeds FREE this weekend from Barneys Farm, G13 Labs, Sweet Seeds & Dr K.


Big G’s End-of-Summer Seedfest!

Big G is closing out the summer with a deal that’s “almost” too good to be true! He’s picked 5 of his personal favourites to hand out this coming weekend including 2 sensational autoflowering seeds perfect for the coming indoor season.


Plus, he’s being extra generous by leaving all the current freebies, coupon codes and other special deals in play so your total savings could be astronomical – if you’re cheeky enough to start stacking!


Here are the details!

FROM Thursday 26 Sep 09:00 until Monday 30 Sep 00:00, UK Time, receive 5 X Top Strains Seeds from G13 Labs, Sweet Seeds, Barneys Farm & Dr Krippling Seeds for FREE when you spend over £29.49* on seeds. While Stock Lasts!



*All products supplied in genuine Breeder official packaging. Remember the Gorilla is the ONLY Seedbank that gives out such high-quality, first-class Gift seeds.


All existing free seed deals still apply – this means this weekend you can grab up to 11 seeds for free if you play you cards right 😉


Simply make an order during promo time over the value of £29.49* and the seeds will automatically appear in your basket completely free of charge!


*Please note that £29.49 is not inclusive of VAT, Postage or Stealth Fees.





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