35% OFF – 24 Hours Flash Sale FastBuds & Win 6 Prizes

Guy Fawkes Gorilla Seeds

Big G is clearing out his Fastbuds Seeds collection quicktime! All FastBuds we have on hand are available for a limited time only in our FLASH SALE with 35% OFF every single item listed from FastBuds – Cool or what!?


*Offer Ends 15th Nov

All existing free seed deals still apply – this means you can grab loads of beans this weekend for not very much at all when you make an order with Big G.  Expect your order to be crammed with stickers, rolling papers, posters and loads of other cool stuff we always add to make your Gorilla experience that much more exciting!

This sale applies to stock on hand only and we reserve the right to limit quantities for anyone who gets carried away so that more people can get in on this incredible deal. Just remember – when these FastBuds deals are gone, they’re gone!

Win 60 FastBuds Seeds

Big G wasn’t content with just discounting Fastbuds Seeds to his customers. He’s giving away 60 Zkittlez Auto Feminized for free with absolutely no purchase necessary. These genetics are pure fire! To find out how to win this high-caliber gear, continue to read all the way to the end of this post.

Zkittlez AUTO

This Indica dominant hybrid fills the room with its overpowering scent and packs on the buds.

You’ll always be able to recognize a strain from Fast Buds Zkittlez seeds by its large sized colas, and its massive ‘crown’ of buds that top its formidable frame.

With a name like Zkittlez, you can imagine what you’re getting. Sweet notes of chocolate will fill the air but after harvest and curing the fragrance changes to one of ripe berries and candy.

Best of all, you can save 35% on this fully autoflowering seed as long as stock lasts in our flash sale!


LSD-25 Auto has a satisfying body buzz, but the psychedelic punch can’t & won’t be denied. Her Indica side will keep you grounded while the trippiness frees your mind so it can take off in a flight of ideas. Enjoy LSD-25 too much, which is very possible even for the highly tolerant, and you could see pink Gorillas floating around the room. Enjoy in moderation!

Let’s talk about smell for a moment. First of all, you will need to take precautions if you don’t want LSD-25 Automatic’s strong aroma to flood the entire area. Second, these weed seeds have a classic sour, earthy smell during bloom that transforms to a curious stench that’s very chemmy but not a classic fuel. It’s more like fresh paint and wood varnish. The taste is all spice & diesel fuel.

West Coast OG Auto

For years, OG Kush has been the most highly sought-after strain on the West Coast & this Fast Buds hybrid lives up to the hype. West Coast OG Auto pairs instant flight with a creeping relaxation that won’t be denied. THC is amazing at a full 21% & the yields are incredible too – up to 650 gr/m2. With this cannabis seed, all you’ll lose is an endless wait!

From the very beginning, West Coast OG Auto Cannabis Seeds only need 8 to 9 weeks to do their thing – that’s a savings of a month or more right there. Incredibly, this speed didn’t result in any type of compromise. Yields still come in at up to 650 gr/m2 inside, the flavour & aroma are still intense & the dense, rocky buds are still coated with enough resin to make extraction a no-brainer. This is a high-performance automatic seed if we’ve ever seen one!

How to Enter!

We are giving away  Zkittlez Auto – 10 seeds to each winner so that’s a total of 60 Seeds to be won . Enter on any or all to increase your chances of winning!

Facebook: Simply comment on THIS POST  (LIVE SOON) and of course give it a like and a share.

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Grow Room 420 🙂  Simply comment on  THIS POST.

Percys  Grow Room: Simply comment on THIS POST.

BLOG: To enter via the blog post; simply comment below.

Good Luck all, winners will be announced on and around the 18th of Nov.

Never Forget,




In the UK it is an offence to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis. Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds as collectable genetic preservation souvenirs only. This means you can collect rare cannabis genetics in seed form and preserve them for the future in case the laws might change! Remember don’t grow cannabis – it’s against the law and the Gorilla doesn’t encourage anyone to engage in illegal activity! Please note that the readble content on this blog, product descriptions and related literature is all for information purposes only! If you are from overseas then you must check the law’s in your own country before making an order! If we suspect someone is likely to break the law then we will not sell to them!

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