Boxing Day Sales & Win Purple Lemonade!

Get little more than a lump of coal in your stocking this year? It’s time to splurge on the gift you’ve really been wanting with Big G’s Boxing Day sale. He’s going to take 13% OFF SELECT FAST BUDS cannabis seeds. Won’t that make 2020 way more interesting?

FastBuds Fash Sale Ended

FROM THIS Day, we’ll automatically deduct 13% off SELECT Fast Buds Seeds when you go to checkout. The selection may vary day by day or even hour to hour. No coupon codes or anything else is required.

***Not All Fast Buds Seeds are on sale. Just the strains featured on the sale page. Please use the link above.

This offer won’t last long and only applies to stock on hand. We reserve the right to limit quantities and offer substitutions if we sell more than we have in stock.

Any issues with your order? Just get in touch with us via our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Fast Buds?

Because Big G’s Got a Major Man Crush On These Geezers!

These guys came out of nowhere and have taken the autoflowering scene by storm. They now have some of the most popular AutoFems, bar none! And, this isn’t just hype. A fast internet search will show you how many people are getting better results with this gear, even better than when they were running photoperiod genetics. Amaze-balls!

Not only does Fast Buds excel when it comes to speed, potency and unbelievable yields, these over-achievers have packed in a ton of good tastes and smells to boot. The names say more about this lineup than we ever could. How can you pass up on the opportunity to try Blackberry Auto, Cream Cookies Auto or their new powerhouse, Purple Lemonade! You’ll kick yourself for not trying these superstars, especially while some of them are 13% OFF!

In the UK it is an offence to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis. Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds as collectable genetic preservation souvenirs only. This means you can collect rare cannabis genetics in seed form and preserve them for the future in case the laws might change! Remember don’t grow cannabis – it’s against the law and the Gorilla doesn’t encourage anyone to engage in illegal activity! Please note that the readble content on this blog, product descriptions and related literature is all for information purposes only! If you are from overseas then you must check the law’s in your own country before making an order! If we suspect someone is likely to break the law then we will not sell to them!

WIN FastBuds Purple Lemonade!

If you’ve been disappointed by purple strains that didn’t turn purple, Fast Buds says you’ll be more than satisfied with their new Purple Lemonade Auto

This incredible 70% Indica is genetically purple and doesn’t rely on cold temps or nutrients to get that amazing colour!

The taste matches the name with sour citrus on top of sugary-sweet lemon drop candy. You’ll literally drool over this fully autoflowering seed!

Win your FastBuds Purple Lemonade Seeds from Gorilla Seeds before they sell out!

How to Enter!

We are giving away  Fast Buds Purple Lemonade 3 Seeds to each winner. Enter on any or all of the following platforms to increase your chances of winning! Winners to be announced on the Saturday 04th January 2020 or thereabouts!

Just Comment on any of the below seven platforms & mention something about this cool strain!

Facebook : Simply comment on THIS POST.

420 Magazine : Simply comment on THIS POST.

OverGrow : Simply comment on THIS POST.

Rollitup : Simply comment on THIS POST.

BLOG: To enter via the blog post; simply comment below.

Good Luck all, winners will be announced on and around 04 Jan.

Disclaimer: All free seeds (prize winnings) are mailed to the winner via Royal Mail. If lost in the mail, we will not be able to replace the prizes. Please contact your local postal service for help.

Disclaimer 2: Gorilla Seeds only sells or gives away collectible souvenirs and adult novelty items. It is illegal to germinate or cultivate seeds in the UK and most other countries. We do not encourage, condone or allow any illegal activities.

Happy New Year,



83 responses to “Boxing Day Sales & Win Purple Lemonade!”

  1. I’m in it’s a must, Purple lemonade 22% 70:30 Sativa Indica hybrid the perfect number for electric trippy highs almost psychedelic all from natural purples wow did that make my eyes bling open, badly needed in my life after all these crazy mad firestorms were having down here all over Australia we’ve been in a state of emergency for 7 days now starting on Friday it is personally affected me and a couple of my hectares, so like our mother country taught us keep calm chin up and just battle on

  2. Oh my that purple or what. That is so gona look off the charts wen done. Thanks GORILLA SEEDS an the ever awsome BIG G. Happy new year guys.

  3. Wow that is pretty… I’m not sure I entered on this platform yet. So anyway please count me in. Just two days left until medical card holders in Illinois are able to grow legally. I would love to give those ladies a place in my first “legal” grow

  4. Huh, it said my comment posted but I don’t see it. Please ignore this if it already appeared. I’ll come back later and if there’s a dupe, I’ll delete.

    Thanks for the contest and Happy New year.

  5. fantastic !! I wish you and the whole team of happy holidays !! it’s a great contest !! I have a preference for genetics from Fast Bud, I’m used to them !! thank you again The Vault team

  6. Wow that purple looks amazing, and lemon on top , woot woot would love to grow this one for sure

  7. Would Love To Win This Awesome Purple Strain!!!!
    Good Luck Everyone Finger’s Crossed!!!

  8. Thanks Big G. for this awesome giveaway💚🌱Happy Holidaze and Good luck everyone.
    I only ordered a 1pck seed of this Purple Limonade, if I could run several

  9. I just love that color purple and you dont have to use cool temps to turn this strain purple count me in. Good luck to all.

  10. I usually grow photoperiods, but I have some 10 gallon fabric pots that I’ve been saving for an auto ScrOG grow in a 4×8 tent and these seeds would be perfect for this! I will definitely upload the progress to various sites that offer grow journal space. Thanks for the contest!

  11. What an Amazing Opportunity To Win Some Fire Seeds Thanks For This Awesome Opportunity!!!!

  12. Already grow outside,love this purple color,one of my favorite auto,fingers crossed & good luck alls

  13. Theres a hype around this auto that makes me wanna try it, this will ve my first purple strain would love to win other then that its still gonna be bought for my collection