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  • Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis seeds
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    Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis seeds

    Are you curious about which weed seeds are the most sought-after and least in demand on the Gorilla Seeds website? Well, the Gorilla Seeds website is transparent, and they’ve revealed the top picks selected by our devoted customers below. This list of the top 10 results highlights the most popular Autoflowering strains bought between April,…

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  • New Bomb Seeds releases
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    New Bomb Seeds releases

    Bomb Seeds has created an innovative and distinct assortment of cannabis seeds by meticulously choosing and enhancing traditional strains, and then blending them with our powerful bomb seeds DNA to enhance the most sought-after characteristics – such as quality, quantity, potency, speed, and vitality. This process yields a superior collection of some of the strongest…

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  • High Yielding Cannabis Strains
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    High Yielding Cannabis Strains

    High yielding cannabis strains produce a lot of yield and are favored by cultivators aiming to increase their crop output. Here are a few of the best-known strains recognized for their abundant production: Big Bud Big Bud is one of the highest yielding strains, it’s a top high yielding cannabis strain for cultivators due to…

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  • New Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds
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    New Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds

    Three top-tier new cannabis seed varieties recently debuted have now joined the Dutch Passion lineup. These strains are among the best on the market, boasting strong terpene profiles, featuring rich, dreamy, sweet fruity notes from Blue Zushi & Lemon Z, along with some exceptionally flavorful combinations of garlic, mint, and onion flavors from GMO Fast.…

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