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Gorilla Seeds June Sale

Looking to save big on your fave cannabis seeds? Look no further than the Gorilla Sale! We’re offering discounts of up to 32% on a wide range of cannabis seeds varieties from two top breeders. Pick up a bargain and stock up on your favorite cannabis seeds during this limited time period. Don’t miss out on amazing deals for your collection.

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For the month of June you can discover some incredible savings up to 32% off on selected strains from Growers Choice & Terp Farmz.

Browse our selection for top genetics of the most sought after and irresistible cannabis seeds fit for a kings collection.. Treat yourself  to top sellers with great discounts from trusted breeders.

Can’t decide? Feeling overwhelmed – If that’s the case then take a look at this list of Top Cannabis hybrids on special offer, these are the strains which have caused a hype during the previous few months of 2024. 

  1. Original Oreoz 15% Discount
  2. Crazy Roses 15% Discount (Insane)
  3. Brain Trauma Auto 28% Discount
  4. Permanent Marker 15% Discount
  5. Wagyu Donutz 15% Discount

If you don’t already know about Growers Choice Seeds then here’s a lowdown – Growers Choice is known for providing high-quality seeds for both recreational and medicinal use. They offer a wide variety of cannabis strains, including:

  1. Feminized Seeds: These are seeds that are bred to produce only female plants, which are the ones that produce the buds used for consumption.
  2. Autoflowering Seeds: These seeds are designed to automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase with age, regardless of the light cycle.
  3. CBD Seeds: These seeds are bred to produce plants with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and low levels of THC, making them ideal for medicinal use.

Key Features of Growers Choice Seeds:

  1. Variety of Strains: They offer a diverse range of strains to cater to different needs and preferences, including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.
  2. Quality Assurance: Growers Choice Seeds emphasise the quality and genetics of their seeds, often providing detailed information about the lineage and expected effects of each strain.

Popular Strains from Growers Choice Seeds:

  1. Applez & Bananz: A classic indica strain known for its potent relaxation effects.
  2. Banana Glue: A hybrid strain known for its balanced effects and high potency.

Growing Information:

  • Climate Suitability: Different strains are suited to different climates, and Growers Choice Seeds provide detailed growing information to help cultivators choose the right strain for their environment.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Growth: They offer seeds that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, providing flexibility depending on the grower’s setup.
  • Growth Difficulty: Seeds are rated by their difficulty level, making it easier for beginners to choose strains that are easier to grow, while experienced growers can opt for more challenging varieties.

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Remember it’s illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in most countries, we sell cannabis seeds on the basis they will be collected for legal purposes only, we do not encourage you to break the law.