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Welcome to The Gorilla Seed Bank. The Gorilla is proud to serve his loyal troop for over a decade with the finest, most sought after and quality cannabis genetics. Its the Gorilla's mission to deliver only the finest cannabis seeds to his clan, all Gorilla's varieties are sourced from breeders with a proven track record for cutting edge genetics. We work closely with breeders and our customers ensuring only the very best quality cannabis seeds are available from our seed bank. Knowing that our customers are happy and nothing but satisfied is our biggest concern. Our 10+ years of experience make Gorilla the safest online seed bank to purchase from.

Gorilla Seed Bank offers you a vast and nearly limitless selection of Cannabis genetics. We have in stock regular and Feminized varieties direct from the world's BEST cannabis seed banks. Our cannabis seeds are specially selected for their top quality from some of the best European genetic breeders.

We are continually updating our range of varieties - adding the newest and latest strains from the biggest seedbanks in the industry such as barneys farm, fastbuds, dutch passion many others. At Gorilla we like to keep on top of demand and keep good stock levels of all the newest and best-selling strains released! Generally, we do rarely sell out of a particular variety, and our seed stock is generally replenished within 48 hours. Please note that these are natural products and sometimes they can not be re-stocked for some time, although we tend to work with breeders who have a proven track record of reliable sourcing and replenishing genetic lines. If there's a strain you don't see on our website, then please drop us an email and the Gorilla will do his very best to hunt it down for you!

  1. Braindamage Autoflower
    From £18.69 Regular Price £21.99
  2. White Truffle
    From £46.74 Regular Price £54.99
  3. Mimosa Gusher Limited Edition
    From £25.49 Regular Price £29.99
  4. Blue Zushi
    From £24.64 Regular Price £28.99
  5. Mac ‘N’ Cheese
    From £25.49 Regular Price £29.99

Top Categories

The Gorilla put together these helpful cannabis seed types so that you can browse our seed bank by the feature you desire the most. You'll find cannabis categories neatly listed, meaning won't need to trawl through our Superb range of Auto-flowering, Feminized and Medical varieties for hours - or even days, instead you'll find genetics to meet your needs instantly! With over thirty cannabis categories to choose , from High THC, High Yielding, Quick flowering to CBD Strains, we recommend browsing all our categories before swiftly checking out, you'll most likely be adding something else to your basket before you leave!

Don't forget to check back often. We add new cannabis varieties practically every day of the week, and we'll continue to refine these seed types until they're so precise you'll think The Gorilla read your mind. From High THC breeds to cute little Shorties, why not narrow down your choices with a single click? It's a real time-saver! Find your dream seed today! Please note that we do not sell bongs.

  1. Blackberry Moonrocks®
    From £22.49 Regular Price £29.99
  2. Banana Glue
    From £19.54 Regular Price £22.99
  3. Rainbow Runtz
    From £26.26 Regular Price £30.99
  4. Frosty Gelato Autoflower
    From £12.00 Regular Price £22.40
  5. Pink Magic fast version
    From £22.86 Regular Price £26.90

100% Feminised

Over 3000 fully female beans in stock.

Feminized Strains

High Strength Cannabis Seeds

Super High THC , 15% THC+

High THC
High THC Strains

Big Yield Autos

Well over 1500 + Auto-flowering High Yielders

High Yield Autos
High Yield Strains

Featured Seedbanks

To make sure that's what you get with each premium cannabis seed, The Gorilla personally investigates every seed bank to make sure they're up to snuff. Unless a breeder can deliver a consistent supply of absolutely brilliant and shockingly unique strains, they won't earn a top spot at Gorilla Seed Bank.

The Gorilla doesn't invite just anyone to the party - each Seed Bank is reviewed & investigated to make sure they know their sh*t. Once the grilling is over, we'll price their cannabis seeds as low as we can go & still stay in business. And, that, my friend, is how Gorilla Seed Bank is building the widest selection of the absolutely best marijuana beans ever seen by man or beast!

About Us

Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla’s goal is to provide nothing but the best of the best, to every customer at all times: the best varieties, of the best quality, from the best breeders, and at the best prices. All wrapped up in a completely trustworthy and reliable service.

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Why Choose Gorilla?


Gorilla Seed Bank gives you the chance to benefit from its years of experience; living, working, and playing in the cannabis jungle. He knows what you want and will fight to the death to bring it to your door in a perfectly freshly sealed package.

  • Always Looking for the Next New Cannabis Varieties;
  • Always Improving Service, Supply, and Delivery,
  • Testing, Researching, and Perfecting Everything
  • Healthy Respect for You
  • Sourcing the most reliable breeders

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To make it abundantly clear just how much you mean to the is a big fat set of promises that will never be broken:

  • No Monkeying Around with Sub-Standard Seed Breeders
  • You Will Always Get Your Cannabis Seeds ASAP;
  • Prompt Responses to All Your Requests;
  • The Lowest Prices on the Net - Guaranteed!
  • Fast Shipping - Super Swift!

There is nothing anyone can do to make Gorilla Seed Bank break these promises. Not even a rival silverback with evil in his brain and a clenched fist, because this Gorilla is not one to be messed with, ever.

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