Month: November 2023

  • Real Gorilla Seeds

    Real Gorilla Seeds

    We are the Original and the Real Gorilla Seeds. Gorilla Seeds has been established since 2010, we were the first and the original Gorilla Seeds. Don’t be fooled by imitations Gorilla Seed Bank may be relatively young, but with more than 40+ years of cannabis seed experience shared between its founding members, you won’t find…

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  • Modern Cannabis Industry is a Womans World

    Modern Cannabis Industry is a Womans World

    The role of women in the cannabis industry has been steadily growing as the legal cannabis market expands. Women have made significant contributions to various aspects of the industry, including entrepreneurship, advocacy, research, and more. Here are some key points about women in the cannabis industry: As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, women are…

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Like a spitfire pilot on a one-way mission, our gorilla doesn’t worry about himself. His goal – his entire purpose – is to deliver premium cannabis seeds. This plan was the same 10 years ago as it is now – but with extra muscle.

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