June Anesia Sale

Anesia June Sale – Upto 30% Off (Insane)

Not only has Gorilla slashed prices on top seed banks Terp Farmz & Growers Choice Seeds during the June Sale, now he’s practically giving away Anesia Seeds in a frenzy by madly discounting prices between 20% to 35% on selected strains, he’s gone totally bonkers we agree.

Visit June Anesia Sale

Grab the opportunity while it lasts before the Gorilla Sobers up and and restores the original prices. Currently, he’s vulnerable and we anticipate he’ll remain so until June 30th, allowing you to secure a great deal from Gorilla Seed Bank.

If you’re not already familiar, Anesia Seeds stands out as a reputable breeder and provider within the cannabis seed market, celebrated for its ability to cultivate top-notch and unique varieties. Below is an in-depth look at Anesia Seeds:

  1. Innovative Genetics: Anesia Seeds is recognized for creating distinctive and powerful marijuana varieties boasting elevated THC content and outstanding terpene compositions.
  2. High-THC Strains: A lot of their varieties are developed to possess remarkably high levels of THC, attracting individuals looking for potent mind-altering impacts.
  3. Quality Assurance: They focus on genetic stability and quality, ensuring that their seeds produce consistent and reliable plants.

Superior Discounts on top Strains

Not sure which strain to choose for your collection? Here’s the Big G’s Recommendations:

  1. Blackberry Moonrocks 25% Off: Blue, purple, and black flowers resemble they’ve been plucked from the night sky!
  2. Elementz 25% Off : Hailing from a primary Indica lineage that accounts for 70% of its genetic makeup, Elementz is crafted to guide you through an extraordinary journey through the realms of space and time, guaranteeing an impactful and memorable adventure.
  3. Sticky Boof 25% Off: Prepare to be captivated by Sticky Boof, our newest creation that’s elevating the standards for those who enjoy indica strains. Derived from the iconic blend of Super Boof and Cadillac Rainbow, Sticky Boof stands as a formidable force with an impressive 80% indica content, guaranteeing an unmatched state of calm.
  4. Mob Boss 30% Off: Super sticky, strong, and highly productive marijuana variety that establishes new benchmarks.

Popular Strains from Anesia Seeds:

  1. Future #1: Known for its extraordinarily high THC content, often exceeding 37%, this hybrid strain is prized for its intense effects and fruity flavor.
  2. Gelato Dream: A hybrid strain with a rich terpene profile, offering a mix of relaxation and euphoria with a creamy, sweet taste.
  3. Epic Buzz: A potent sativa with energizing effects and a robust berry flavor, known for its impressive THC content.

Reputation and Reviews:

Anesia Seeds has built a good name in the cannabis community and among growers due to their commitment to excellence, creative genetics, and excellent customer support. Their strains with high THC content, in particular, have become popular for their strong potency and distinctive impacts.

In the cannabis seed industry, Anesia Seeds is recognized for its dedication to creating high-quality strains that appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes and requirements.

Not Impressed?

If Anesia hasn’t inspired, then take a look at the best deals on Growers Choice & Terp Famz this June, but hurry, these offers are one-time deals and you’ll miss out if you don’t act fast.