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Feminised Seeds Company Auto Gelato

California’s very own Gelato strain is one of the latest fan favourites to hit the public cannabis seed market, and it’s hot, hot, hot! Now, you can get your fill of this new taste sensation after a mere 8 weeks while still achieving an outstanding THC level. The most experienced testers pushed this terpene-laden beauty well past the 28% THC mark, but even the hobbyists landed at the 20+% mark. With a short height, it’s a real indoor powerhouse that all can enjoy!

Gelato Auto’s sheer power is only surpassed by the breathtaking taste and smell that accompanies this uber-rich dessert strain. Imagine sweet sugar cookies tempered by the sharp bite of fresh orange zest sitting just below a cloud of subtle espresso notes. The fat, resin-swollen terpenes emit a rich, pungent smell that pops with bright notes of candied fruit wet or dried, turning into sensual pleasure when vaporized. This automatic Gelato is one to be savored, even though the yield is generous enough to make this your new everyday smoke!

Win Feminised Seeds Auto Gelato from Gorilla Seeds while you can!

How to Enter!

We are giving away Feminised Seeds Auto Gelato – 5 seeds to each winner. Enter on any or all of the following platforms to increase your chances of winning! Winners to be announced on 03rd January or thereabouts!

Facebook : Comment on THIS POST  and of course give it a like and a share. Please enter a comment letting us know your experiences with Auto Gelato! – 2 Prizes available here.

OverGrow : Comment on THIS POST. Please enter a comment letting us know your experiences with Auto Gelato! – 2 Prizes available here.

Rollitup : Comment on THIS POST. Please enter a comment letting us know your experiences with Auto Gelato!- 2 Prizes available here.

BLOG: To enter via the blog post; simply comment below letting us know your experiences with Auto Gelato!- 2 Prizes available here.

Congratulations Winners!

Here we have listed the winners, congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for taking part! If you are a winner please email including proof of winning profile. please email no later that 10th January.

Facebook :  Lisa Woods & Steve Bowler

OverGrow : & Pluckyevil

BLOG:  Mad myrtle & Jaydolla

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39 responses to “Win Feminised Seeds Auto Gelato | Gorilla Seeds Promo”

  1. Auto Gelato sounds to me to be a great grower and producer. Not yet tried her but more than happy to do so. Thanks for the chance Gorilla!

  2. Have tried to grow once but had issues which destroyed entire crop, would be nice to try againnow that i have a better place to grow at.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway Gorilla! I’ve personally never grown Gelato but I’ve had plenty of fun experiences using. Definitely makes hotboxing in the car jamming your favorite tunes a lot better.

  4. Never been let down by any seeds from the gorilla. Never tried the gelato auto flower but would love the chance, other auto flowerers I’ve tried have been excellent.

  5. Love the gelato cake, never really had much luck with autos before. Theres no reason y the best in “Missouri” shouldn’t give the gelato auto a strong chance!!

  6. Love the sweetness of the Gelato brings me comfort all year long , relatively easy to please but still need love and attention. if you do so properly it will give you tenfold over.

  7. I’ve only tried RoyalQueenSeed’s Auto Gelato and absolutely loved its sweet flavor profile and potent high. Would be awesome to try out this Breeder’s version and compare them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I’ve not grown this strain before. Thanks for the opportunity to try them.

  9. Absolutely love Gelato thanks for this amazing opportunity fingers crossed 🤞 good luck everyone

  10. Auto Gelato has got my attention! Looking forward to growing them out and reporting back after I win! 😉

  11. Having just crossed paths with some gelato, I feel plenty frosted. Just like the nug in the photograph.

    This is my only experience with gelato, hopefully not the last either.

  12. Have never grown auto Gelato but would love to! I really enjoyed the photo Gelato I grew this year. Thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas!