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Introducing the craziest cannabis seeds to ever hit the United Kingdom! Dr. Krippling has scoured the rest of Europe for the most outstanding genetics he could find which can meet the Krippling standard. Ready to collect  Dr Krippling's genetics? Grab The Incredible Bulk Now!

Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK unless you have an appropriate license issued from the home office. However, the collection and storage of cannabis genetics in seed form the UK is 100% legal. Information on cannabis seeds is for information purposes only and describes the cannabis genetics only, it is not intended to encourage anyone to cultivate cannabis or illegal and/or controlled substances. If you are from outside the UK, please check the laws in your own country before placing an order.

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Dr Krippling
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Dr Krippling's - The NHS Doesn't Have Sh*t On This Doc!

Dr Krippling was once the UK's best-kept secret, but news of this shockingly good gear has rapidly spread around the globe. With a constantly expanding line of seriously good feminized and autoflowering seeds like Grand Heft Auto, Spinning Buzz Kick and Sonic Bloom, there's no way this Doctor Feelgood could ever keep his potent herbal remedies under wraps. Get yours today!

This is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought-after brands in the cannabis seed trade today, and there's plenty of good reasons why they're so incredibly popular. The Dr Krippling crew includes a wide network of Europe's best breeders, and together, they claim ownership of hundreds, if not thousands, of strains originally sourced from all over the planet.

  • Based in the UK with a Continental Spread
  • Mixing Love & Devotion with Rock-Hard Cannabis Science
  • Extreme Features - Bigger Yields, Higher Potency, Richer Flavours

With those kind of resources, Dr Krippling's reaches deep, popping hundreds of seeds each week, always in search of that next super producer with bigger yields, stronger power & more intense flavour than anyone's every created before. Wanna find out for yourself? Get The Incredible Bulk & see what all the fuss is about!

Dr Krippling's passion and commitment to the cannabis community shines through just like The Gorilla's! We highly recommend this brand, but if they don't flip your lid, we've got more. Whether you prefer Indica, Sativa, mixed hybrids, Skunks, Purples, Diesels, Blueberries, Kush or Haze, Gorilla Seeds has your back. Check it out!

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