How do I add a coupon code?

1. Add at least one cannabis seed to your shopping bag

2. Click on your shopping bag to open it on a new page. (Hovering opens the contents on a pull-down, but won't allow you to enter your coupon code.)

3. Pull down until you reach the end of the contents of your bag. Click on the green text that says "Got a coupon code? Click Here", enter your coupon code & click the "Add Coupon" button.

    Here are a few things to remember when using coupon codes:

    • Only one coupon code is allowed per order

    • To use a new coupon code, you must manually delete the first one (it will show below your seeds)

    • The system may reject your coupon code if we have an automated deal that's a better value

    Don't have a coupon code? Check out our Coupon Codes page to get one!

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