To get a refund:

  • Login to your Gorilla Seeds account you created when you placed the order.

  • Open the order you'd like to cancel and click the Cancel button.

  • Please let us know why you're cancelling by entering the reason in the space provided.

  • We DO NOT refund for lost/seized parcels however we can re-ship once providing stealth has been purchased.

If your payment has been processed but your order has not shipped, your order will be added to the refund queue and it will be issued shortly. Note that due to our use of overseas merchant accounts refunds can take up to 21 days. Sorry.

If Your Order Has Already Shipped:

If your order has been shipped, you will have to return your seeds before we can issue a refund. Please follow the rest of the instructions on our Returns page. Your seeds must be shipped back in the same condition you received them and arrive at Gorilla Seeds within 7 days of the time they were delivered.

(We do not refund for packages that go missing)

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