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Girl Scout Cookies Auto thumbnail

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Cool Mint, Rich Chocolate, 22% THC

Finally! A fully automatic Girl Scout Cookies seed that does the original cut-only masterpiece justice. If you've been drooling & dreaming, mop that slobber up & click buy now!

  • 650 gr/m2 Yields - 8 to 9 Weeks
  • Great for Oils, Extracts, Concentrates
LSD-25 Auto thumbnail

LSD-25 Auto

Deep Purple & Black Hues with 19% THC!

As Fast Buds' favourite autoflowering seed, LSD-25 Auto is a sight to behold with deep purple calyxes, snowy white crystals & free-flowing black resin. She's a beauty!

  • Up to 500 gr/m2 Inside - Tolerance Busters
  • Beginner Friendly - Great in Any Environment
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

Pure Hedonism with a 600 gr/m2 Yield!

Indulge your innermost fantasies with the sweet flavour & sensual highs this rapid-paced AutoFem has to offer. And at 20% THC, these babies have the staying power to go all night long!

  • Sativa Dominant but Beginner Friendly
  • Liberally Coated in Resin - Extraction Friendly
Mexican Airlines thumbnail

Mexican Airlines

Just 9 Weeks to Trippy Head Highs!

With Mexican Airlines Auto Seeds, your countdown to the trip of a lifetime will only last 9 short little weeks. Prepare for liftoff!

  • Spicy Ginger & Tangy Lemon Flavour
  • Fierce Power - 20% THC
Californian Snow Auto thumbnail

Californian Snow Auto

Hit These Slopes for a Fast, 8-Week Ride!

From start to finish, Californian Snow Auto only needs 8 rapid weeks to pump out up to 550 gr/m2 of frosty goodness powered by 19% THC. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  • Stress, Anxiety & Filter Busting
  • Old-School Genetics from the West Coast
Fastberry Auto thumbnail

Fastberry Auto

Sweet Berry Flavour - Ass-Kicking Power!

Billed as Fast Buds strongest Indica, Fastberry Auto does not disappoint! This stoned-to-the-boned automatic seed is ready in 9 weeks with 19% THC

  • DJ Short Blueberry X Canadian Ruderalis
  • Blue, Purple & Red with a Wild-Berry Aroma
Rhino Ryder Auto thumbnail

Rhino Ryder Auto

True Medical Power - 20% THC!

Rhino Ryder Auto is a near-narcotic creeper with 20% THC that is physically relaxing & mentally calming for the ultimate MMJ.

  • Beginner Friendly - Forgives All Mistakes
  • Tastes Like Cinnamon & Pears - Delicious!
Six Shooter Auto thumbnail

Six Shooter Auto

Commercial Yields in Just 9 Weeks!

This is Fast Buds biggest producer to date with up to 750 gr/m2 of big, fat colas in just 9 weeks from seed. There's no drop in power - 21% THC!

  • Crystal Meth X Mexican Airlines
  • Few Fans & Monster Colas for Easy Trimming!
West Coast OG Auto thumbnail

West Coast OG Auto

Relaxing Stones & Euphoric Highs - 21% THC

Potent, long-lasting & hard-hitting, West Coast OG Auto proves all those urban legends are true in just 8 weeks from seed. This is the gold standard of Cali-based gear!

  • Cup Winning Genetics - Top Shelf Quality
  • Strong Citrus Aroma - Controls Recommended!
Gorilla Glue Auto thumbnail

Gorilla Glue Auto

Get All That Goo in 8 Weeks from Seed!

You've heard the stories, so don't miss this chance to find out if they're true. Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto will seal your bum to the couch right after she ruins your best clippers!

  • Cheerful, Happy, Relaxing
  • Piney with Chem & Diesel Notes
Blackberry Auto thumbnail

Blackberry Auto

Sweet Berry Flavours, 20% THC!

Blackberry Auto has fat, sticky buds that are purple through & through, with some reporting violet-tinted crystals. This is connoisseur quality at its finest!

  • Mostly Indica with 8-Week Finishes from Seed
  • Great Height For Indoors - 70 to 100 cm
Blue Dream Auto thumbnail

Blue Dream Auto

This 75% Sativa has insane bud production, great effects and purple-blue flowers. Get some at Gorilla.
C4 Auto thumbnail

C4 Auto

Deep Purple, 19% THC, Crisp Lemon Flavour!

C4 Auto is low on name, but high on features! This pure purple wonder packs a massive punch with long-lasting high, mega yields & amazing speed.

  • Extremely Fast Finishes - 8 Weeks from Seed
  • Manageable Heights - 70 to 100 cm
CBD Auto 20:1 thumbnail

CBD Auto 20:1

CBD Auto 20:1 has 20% CBD and only 0.3% THC. This makes it legal in many countries, although check your specific laws. For a non-psychoactive smoke, look no further!
CBD Crack thumbnail

CBD Crack

This 1:1 THC to CBD cannabis seed has 7% THC and 7% CBD, making it balanced, light and deeply soothing. With myrcene terpenes and fresh flavours, its perfect for a gentle wind down.
Cherry Cola Auto thumbnail

Cherry Cola Auto

With cherry cola terpenes and sky high level of THC, Cherry Cola Auto by Fast Buds shows us what modern cannabis breeding can achieve. Excelling in all aspects, this is an auto seed which every true cultivator must try!
Cream Cookies Auto thumbnail

Cream Cookies Auto

Who could possibly top original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies? Fast Buds, that's who! Not only did they make this killer strain extremely fast and immensely potent, they improved the sweet Cookie flavour by knocking off the edges for an even creamier flavour that makes this smoke as smooth as silk. Yields are high & she's beginner friendly, too!
Crystal Meth Auto thumbnail

Crystal Meth Auto

Purple-Black Colours & Energizing Highs!

Crystal Meth Auto is a mentally relaxing Sativa that'll make all your cares and woes disappear in an instant. This potent cannabis seed only needs 8 to 9 weeks total!

  • Very Strong - 20% THC
  • Hazelnut & Pine Flavours
Forbidden Runt Auto thumbnail

Forbidden Runtz Auto

It might be a sin, but this fruit is so delicious it's worth being thrown from paradise for. The global sensation Runtz is now available as potent and fast autoflowering cannabis seed.
G14 Auto thumbnail

G14 Auto

Low Profile, 18% THC, 550 gr/m2!

Fast Buds took original G13 genetics, crossed those babies with Lowryder & then worked their bums off to improve this impressive mix even more. No disappointment here!

  • Very Discrete - Great for Urban Areas
  • Sweet Flavour - Fresh Pine Aroma
Showing 1-20 of 51

The Older Ones are Great, But All New Fast Buds Seeds Surpass 20% THC!

The master breeders behind Fast Buds say you no longer have to choose between weak-ass automatics with speed & tolerance-busting photoperiods that take forever. This crew of American cannabis seed professionals has broken all the rules with their amazing line of rock-solid Autoflowering Seeds based on top-trending West Coast genetics.

With Fast Buds Automatic Seeds, you'll get to enjoy formerly clone-only strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue and West Coast OG just as if you lived on the Pacific shore & had all the right hook-ups. How great is that?

  • Founded in 2010 with Decades of Experience to Back Them Up!
  • Covering all their Bases with Offices in the US & Europe
  • Top Trending Strains Automated Using Genuine Canadian Ruderalis

So, let's talk a little bit about Fast Bud's superior breeding program. This team places quality over quantity without exception so that you never have to compromise any highly desired train in exchange for speed. The colours are bright & vivid, the genetics are as stable s they come & the power ratings include THC numbers in the high teens for older Fast Buds strains with all new autoflowering seeds easily topping 20%. How about that for a WOW factor?

To create their fabulous automatic hybrids, Fast Buds reaches out to their many connections throughout California to get their hands on the most exquisite specimens they can find with names most people can only dream of owning. Then, they add in just the right amount of the highest quality Canadian Ruderalis before selectively breeding generation after generation for stability. Finally, these babies are fully tested to make sure they do exactly what is expected.

The Gorilla would like you to join him in welcoming the Fast Buds team to the Gorilla Seeds family! Not only will we partner up with Fast Buds at every opportunity to serve up a variety of Facebook and forum giveaways, but we'll be bringing you the best prices possible. Trust us - this is the place you want to be for genuine Fast Buds gear!

Buy Your Fast Buds Autoflowering Seeds Today - You'll Be Stunned & Amazed!

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