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Designed & Tested Specifically for Medical Marijuana Patients!

As more patients turn to alternative treatment methods to supplement traditional medicine, the demand for high CBD seeds has increased exponentially, and the marketplace has answered. At first, you'd be lucky to find strains with even 2% CBD paired with much higher THC ratings, but those days are, thankfully, long gone.

The number of available high CBD Seeds is rapidly expanding as bigger names like Barney's Farm, DinaFem & Dutch Passion are getting on board. Most of these strains have been developed in partnership with CBD Crew, so you know you can rely on stable numbers that stay true to the published statistics.

  • High CBD Levels for Maximum Benefits
  • Indicas, Sativas & Mixed Hybrids
  • World-Class Breeders Like CBD Crew & Barney's Farm
  • Great Prices & Discrete International Delivery

American breeders like Sin City Seeds are leading the way with weed seeds that are capable of reaching up to 20% CBD with minimal THC percentages with new hybrids that include genetics from ground-breaking cut-only strains like Harlequin & AC/DC.

Wondering why new developments on the high CBD seed front are coming along so slowly? The reason is simple! It's been very hard to stabilize the phenotype variations so that you get exactly what you're looking for in a high CBD cannabis seed. Until now, you had an equal chance of getting very high CBD to very low THC, equal amounts of both, or very low CBD to very high THC.

With only a 33.3% chance of delivering on expectations in the past, reputable breeders have watched & waited until they could stabilize their new medical seeds, and that day has finally arrived. Watch Gorilla Seeds to find the latest & greatest high CBD seeds as they're released. Most are also feminized to give you the most for your money, and we're beginning to see some Autoflowering High CBD Seeds as well.

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