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Gorilla has just plonked you firmly in the driver’s seat of the Indica! With nothing but a collection of the finest Indica cannabis seeds, personally selected by the Gorilla from only the best breeders from around the globe, you can’t possibly take a wrong turn. Get Your Violator Kush Seeds Now - You Won't Find'em Cheaper!

Cannabis Seeds are sold as collectible genetic preservation souvenirs! Check 'em out! Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK unless you have an appropriate license issued from the home office. However, the collection and storage of cannabis genetics in seed form in the UK is 100% legal. Information on cannabis seeds is for information purposes only and describes the cannabis genetics only, it is not intended to encourage anyone to cultivate cannabis or illegal and/or controlled substances. If you are from outside the UK, please check the laws in your own country before placing an order.

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Why Choose an Indica over a Sativa Seed?

Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of cannabis seed. They are essentially polar opposites in many respects so which one you choose is really dependant on what is important to you in terms of cannabis seed properties. You should go for an Indica seed though if you:

  • Prefer short dense plants
  • Prefer CDB to THC (CBD = relaxing, THC = energetic)
  • Live somewhere with a colder climate

Obviously actually exploring these properties will involve you living somewhere where it is legal to grow you cannabis seeds, but as a collector, at least you know what your seeds are capable of.

The Gorilla is a huge fan of indica seeds and always makes sure that your indica seeds will be 100% organic and of the highest quality…or else he’d go mad, and eat a Fiat Panda or something.

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