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Auto Future #1 thumbnail

Auto Future #1

One of the most powerful autoflowering plants in the world, Auto Future #1 needs little selling. With a fast growth time and perfect, tropical flavours, it's got all you could ever want.
Auto Lemongrass thumbnail

Auto Lemongrass

Auto Lemongrass from Anesia is a powerful, sativa dominant cross. With 4 direct parents, it's a vigorous cross breed with some of the most unusual flavours out there. That, plus 25% THC, is a pretty good reason to buy some!
Watermelon Zkittelz thumbnail

Watermelon Zkittelz

This balanced hybrid is a cross of Watermelon and Zkittelz, and the result is delicious strain with incredible effects. With a high ranging from uplifting euphoria to calm relaxation, whatever your requirements, it can satisfy them.
Slurricane thumbnail


Slurricane is one of those strains which makes others seem rather impotent. With 30% THC and almost overwhelming flavours, this beast doesn’t slink in the corners. For those who don’t go careful, you can expect to be floored by Slurricane. Luckily, this Indica dominant strain has overwhelmingly relaxing effects.
Cherry Kiss thumbnail

Cherry Kiss

Cherry Kiss is a seductive strain from Anesia Seeds. Vibrant, delicious and with a wonderful array of effects, these blushing buds are sure to please even the most demanding cannabis connoisseurs.
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