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True Canna Genetics is a Class Act!

This breeder's motto is "Selection is Art" and those aren't mere words to this highly esteemed seed company. True Canna uses only the best genetics known to the modern cannabis industry for their new high-powered hybrids. Their breeding stock is sourced from the true greats like DNA Genetics and the Green House Seed Company.

  • 100% Feminized Seeds - Incredibly Stable
  • Top-Quality Seeds Formulated by World-Class Genetics
  • Flavours & Power That'll Blow Your Frickin' Mind!

True Canna's first publicly released cannabis seed is aptly named Terparella. These 100% feminized seeds are of the highest quality with the perfect mix of terpenes that create a mix of flavour that's like fine candy on the top with a piney/haze bite underneath. The full-bodied smoke will coat your mouth in THC-laced goodness for the duration. Makes you want some just reading that, doesn't it?

Of course, Terparella Feminized Seeds are just the start of this trippy adventure. We're expecting much more from True Canna including a highly anticipated OG Chem X GDP! Remember, you heard it here first - and you'll always get the best prices & the fastest delivery on True Canna Seeds when you buy from The Gorilla. He wouldn't have it any other way!

Act Now & Be One of the First to Try True Canna Genetics - They're Brilliant!

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