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Nicole Cream Auto thumbnail

Nicole Cream Auto

Kosher Kush is one of the most popular strains ever created, but it's virtually impossible to find today. Enter Nicole Cream Auto, a fast-paced autoflowering seed that's easy enough for rank amateurs while still delivering professional results including XXL yields, forceful highs and over 20% THC. Finish times can be as fast as 75 days from the start!
BCN Critical XXL Auto thumbnail

BCN Critical XXL Auto

BCN Critical XXL Auto does it all … and does it in just 75 days from seed. This mixture of award-winning genetics produces huge colas made up of gigantic buds oozing with THC-filled terpenes in just 75 days from seed. The aromas are tart citrus, the taste is candied lemon, and the happy-chill high goes on for hours. Isn't that everything you could possibly dream of, all wrapped up in a convenient, uncomplicated autoflowering seed?!
Blackberry Gum Auto thumbnail

Blackberry Gum Auto

Blackberry Gum Auto stays true to the original photoperiod strain, only she delivers the good stuff way faster! Easy enough for all experience levels with great performance regardless of environment or technique, these fully autoflowering seeds are a first-timer's dream. The rich, fruity taste and smell, not to mention the happy highs, will definitely keep you coming back for more. This one's a must-have for all lovers of automatic genetics!
Fruit Cake Auto thumbnail

Fruit Cake Auto

Fruit Cake Auto is Gorilla-approved on taste (sweet Cookies) and smell (diesel, citrus & cherry) alone, but this fast-paced powerhouse has much more to offer. THC consistently exceeds 20%, the yields are ginormous and the long-lasting, balanced high is to die for. Think smooth, soft smoke followed by calm relaxation mixed with pure joy!
Girl Scout Cookies Auto thumbnail

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is one frosty AutoFem! With swollen crystals that make it look like it's been liberally coated with granulated sugar, this is one of the stickiest automatic seeds you'll ever see. The taste is just as sweet, and the high is a delectable mix of happy head highs and relaxing body stones that'll keep you coming back for more. This beginner-friendly classic is a must-have!
Gorilla Glue Auto thumbnail

Gorilla Glue Auto

Just like the original GG#4, Gorilla Glue Auto has resin that goes through the roof! Sticky doesn't do these autoflowering seeds justice. No other strain has more goo, bar none. With the automatic version, you'll get all the crystals, all the couchlock, and all the yield in just 11 weeks from seed. Boo-ya!
Purple Punch Auto thumbnail

Purple Punch Auto

With Purple Punch Auto, the absolute best West Coast genetics come together in perfect harmony! This 11-weeker gets her beautiful purple and blue colours from Granddaddy Purp as well as her soft, candied grape smell. From Larry OG, she gets even more potency as well as an extra-thick layer of resin. THC exceeds 20% in this AutoFem!
Santa Marta Haze Auto thumbnail

Santa Marta Haze Auto

Retaining all the best traits of the original, Santa Marta Haze Auto is all Sativa, complete with a forceful psychedelic high that borders on trippy. But, there is one major change - the total time it takes to bring out the best in this incredible autoflowering seed. From start to finish, this Amnesia Haze X Santa Marta cross only needs 75-85 days to do her job. Brilliant!
Sherbet Auto thumbnail

Sherbet Auto

Selectively bred to retain the original strain's immense potency, Sherbet Auto retains all the best traits of her incredibly popular mother without sacrificing a thing. THC can still exceed 20% in experienced hands, the smell and aroma continues to ooze with its sweet melon/mango terpene profile, and the yields are very generous. You will not be disappointed!
Sticky Fingers Auto thumbnail

Sticky Fingers Auto

Sticky Fingers Auto continues the Gorilla Glue and Cookies legacy with flash finishes, XXL yields, 20+% THC and more resin than you could ever imagine. Plus, they can finish as fast as 75 days inside and only need 95 days outdoors. This is a hardy, uncomplicated autoflowering seed that excels in any environment regardless of experience level!
Super Skunk Auto thumbnail

Super Skunk Auto

On looks alone, you'd never guess Super Skunk Auto was a rapid autofloweirng seed capable of reaching peak maturing in just 75 days from seed. Topped off by massive colas made up of swollen flowers, the bud formation is nearly perfect. Classic green is the primary colour scheme accented by sparkling resin crystals that you can easily see with your naked eye. Sheer perfection!
White Widow Auto thumbnail

White Widow Auto

Seed Stockers crossed Original White Widow with exceptional autoflowering breeding stock to create this 75-day Indica. All the best traits are still there including a thick layer of snow-white frost that runs all the way down the fans and a mind-blowing 23% THC rating. If you're short on time, this is the cannabis seed for you!
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