Gorilla Wizard

  • 1. Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse seeds?

    Some strains are designed specifically for indoors, outdoors or greenhouses, while others have the capability to adapt to nearly any environment.

  • 2. Auto-flowering or Normal Photoperiod Seeds?

    Many beginners start off with autoflowering seeds before trying a photoperiod strain. Autoflowering strains are much faster and easier than photoperiod seeds, but yield & power may be sacrificed.

  • 3. Strain Height?

    Choose your height based on your available space and your need for privacy. Short heights are best for indoors, smaller spaces and outdoor areas that require stealth or discretion.

  • 4. Medical CBD Content?

    Cannabis seeds with certain features, including a high CBD to THC ratio, are collected for their medical potential.

  • 5. Do you have a strength preference?

    Potency is historically measured by THC levels, but higher does not always mean better. Choose a strength that meets your specific needs.

  • 6. Do you have a yield preference?

    The highest yielding strain is not always the best choice for all. To achieve higher yields, some strains sacrifice power or quality. Commercial collectors usually go for larger yields while connoisseurs and medical collectors often prefer higher quality levels

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