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Blue Power F2 Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Blue Power F2 Regular Seeds

The clone used for this cross was obtained from an LA clone shop under the name POWER. Also known as PO#1. Lemon berry kush with a unique smooth after taste, one of SinCity Seeds all time favourites! …
HarleSin Feminised Seeds - 7 thumbnail

HarleSin Feminised Seeds

Offering an Ideal 3 to 2 CBD/THC ratio HarleSin is great for a variety of symptoms. Mostly Sativa, she provides invigorating and refreshing effects while still offering the medicinal benefits. HarleSin is best with pain and anxiety but also can handle other ailments with ease. 2-1 CBD to THC Ratio …
NightFire OG Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

NightFire OG Regular Seeds

(Whitefire #3 x Whitenightmare) is a double dose of TheWhite with Blueberry and Fire OG. SinCity Seeds Nightfire OG is a light feeding, heavy smelling Blueberry/WhiteFire OG that they are extremely excited about. The Nightmare really boosted the structure and yield of the WhiteFire and made for a gr…
Nightmare OG Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Nightmare OG Regular Seeds

OG#18 from DNA Genetics is a house favorite of SinCity Seeds, oh so dank. SinCity Seeds has improved it in a way that it was too lanky, finicky and low yielding unless ran in high numbers. So they wanted to let their WhiteNightMare male go to work and boost its yield and structure. Doing just that, …
Petroleum Nightmare Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Petroleum Nightmare Regular Seeds

This special clone collided with SinCity Seeds WhiteNightmare for a cross with all the making of a great champion. It's that new strain you've been craving. …
Platinum DeLights Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Platinum DeLights Regular Seeds

SinCity Seeds second cookie hybrid brings bigger yields and slightly sweeter grape/berry type flavours to the table. This Platinum Cut brought its cup winning pedigree to the table and the Blue Power provided its signature unique kush twist. …
PowerNap Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

PowerNap Regular Seeds

The two favourites from our first release in one potent combo, this will be another sure fire winner from our White Nightmare line. …
Sin Mint Cookies Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Sin Mint Cookies Regular Seeds

SinCity Seeds SinMint Cookies is a mix of the Girl Scout Cookies and SinCity Seeds fan favourite Blue Power. They chose the Forum Cut for this cross as they feel this is cut which most people know as Girl Scout Cookies. Potent, Frosty and Flavourful with improved, never before seen variations of the…
SinValley OG Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

SinValley OG Regular Seeds

The SFV OG Kush Clone dusted with our Blue Power pollen was a pairing of elites. Long awaited by the community, this special hybrid is finally here. Dank indica dominate OG's that yield well and have great stucture! …
Sins OG Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Sins OG Regular Seeds

For this OG cross, SinCity Seeds took their 28% THC select powerhouse Kosher Kush pheno and crossed it to their proven Blue Power male. The Blue Power has decreased flowering times and enhanced the overall bag appeal while keeping the supreme potency from the Kosher. Named Sins OG by a tester so Sin…
SourNightmare Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

SourNightmare Regular Seeds

This is one of SinCity Seeds special release crosses, Sage N Sour OG x WhiteNightmare Aka SourNightmareKush. Not originally planned to make into this project their Sage N Sour OG was “too good” to be left out one of their breeders said. So they threw in a small mother of this soury goodn…
Tangerine Power Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

Tangerine Power Regular Seeds

This select cut of Subcool's Agent Orange is by far some of the most flavourful unique flowers around. Its smell of pure tangerines is unmistakable and SinCity Seeds took that intense flavour and crossed it to extreme potency with their Blue Power male. An award winning strain of the highest qua…
The REM Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

The REM Regular Seeds

SinCity Seeds brought out the BlueDream clone with the intentions of locking it down in seed form this time. These seeds are very uniform with only slight variation on flavor and yield. If you’re a fan of BlueDream now’s your chance to get it in a stable non feminized offering. …
Treasure Island thumbnail

Treasure Island

Up to 16% CBD - Yowza!

With an unheard of 4:1 CBD to THC ratio, Treasure Island delivers riches without compare for true MMJ fans with up to 16% CBD & as little as 2% THC.

  • Swiss Gold X AC/DC
  • 55 to 65 Day Finishes
True Power OG Regular Seeds - 15 thumbnail

True Power OG Regular Seeds

Expect all the dankness from the True OG with improved structure and faster finishing times. Expect TruePower OG to be an instant favourite amongst the medical community. …
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Six Exciting Sin City Lines - To Date!

Sin City Seeds has been hard at work since they opened their doors a few years ago outside sunny Las Vegas. Whether you prefer a little something, something from one of their recreational collections like Sin City Originals or a bean that'll soothe whatever ails you like a Sin City CBD Strain, you'll always get one gobsmacking good cannabis seed that does exactly what it says!

While their THC-enriched strains like Blue Power will always hold a special place in The Gorilla's heart, we highly recommend Sin City's Treasure Island and Cancer's Nightmare. At this time, researchers are just starting to peel back all the layers in the cannabinoid puzzle to figure out exactly how High CBD strains help patients with intractable illnesses control a host of symptoms like uncontrollable seizures or maybe even reduce the effects of cancer.

  • Based on the Best American Genetics
  • Recreational and Medicinal Weed Seeds
  • Astonishing Power, Amazing Quality

They're not doctors, but Sin City is doing their part by developing newer & better medical strains every single year. This compassionate network of American breeders makes both patients and their caretakers a top priority! All regular and feminized seeds are fully tested both before and after their release to make sure every single pack that goes out is fresh, viable and of the utmost quality!

The Gorilla knows that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless you're talking about smoking hot marijuana seeds! He's spreading the dank around the globe with fast international shipping, surprisingly low prices and the friendliest, most helpful customer service going. Why travel to Sin City when Sin City Seeds can travel to you?

No One Has Better Prices on Sin City Seeds than The Gorilla - Check It Out!

NB: Anything goes in Sin City, but that thought doesn't hold true for Sin City Seeds if you buy these cannabis seeds from The Gorilla. We only sell well-behaved beans that would never to anything illegal like germination. If you know what's good for you, you won't try to bully them into it!

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