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Up to 3X CBD as THC - Can You Dig It?

Finally, a high-CBD strain that can give you a better than 1:1 THC to CBD ratio if you play your cards right! S.A.D. has real potential, my friend. Ready for a pheno hunt?

  • 60% Indica - Towering Central Cola
  • Soft, Gentle, Dreamlike Effect
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Sweet Nurse Auto CBD

8 Weeks from Seed - 1:2 THC to CBD Ratio!

This medical-grade autoflowering seed has a gentle touch & she never messes with your head. Sweet Nurse Auto yields big, oozes with resin & smells great. She's perfect!

  • Sweet, Fruity Fragrance with a Touch of Skunk
  • 5th Generation AutoFem - Top Quality
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Medical-Grade Weed Seeds of the Highest Quality - Sweet!

For over a decade, Sweet Seeds has exceeded every expectation anyone could throw at them and they're not breaking that pattern! Their new gourmet cannabis seeds are not only bursting with power, they're packed with unique flavours & aromas, and now they have substantial CBD levels. In some cases, the THC to CBD ratio is a killer 1:3!

  • Certified Medical Grade Seeds
  • Higher CBD than THC
  • Thick Aromas & Intense Flavours
  • Packed with Care for Top Quality

To start, Sweet Seeds converted their signature S.A.D. Strain (Sweet Afghani Delicious) into a certified medical seed by crossing it with an elite high-CBD cut. If you're looking for a high-yielding, Indica-dominant bud factory that won't let you down, go with Sweet Seeds S.A.D. CBD. She's extra soothing with barely any kind of head high so that anyone can take advantage of her therapeutic benefits.

But, if you're short on time, check out Sweet Nurse Auto CBD! This medical marvel works all kinds of miracles, like pumping out up to 600 g/rm2 yields in just 8 weeks from marijuana seed. Plus, the full-bodied aroma fills the air with strong notes of sugar & spice, Skunk & fruit!

Order Your Sweet Seeds High-CBD Strains Today - You Won't Be Disappointed!

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