Apple Bananas 00 Seeds

00 Seeds

The Apple Bananas strain from 00 Seeds is renowned for its distinctive taste and well-rounded effects. Below is an in-depth look at the Apple Bananas strain from 00 Seeds:
  • Apple Bananas
  • 00 Seeds
  • 26% THC
  • 56 -63 days Flowering

About Apple Bananas 00 Seeds

Apple Bananas from 00 Seeds is a popular choice due to its distinct and pleasant taste, well-rounded effects, and strong development traits. Whether you're a casual consumer in search of a pleasurable experience or a cultivator in need of a strain that produces a lot and is simple to grow, Apple Bananas provides a complete and rewarding cannabis journey.

Apple Bananas is a crossbreed strain that usually has a genetic makeup including strains recognized for their fruity tastes and well-rounded impacts.

This variety typically blooms for about 8 to 9 weeks. Apple Bananas are recognized for their elevated THC content, frequently ranging from 20% to 25%, offering potent psychoactive impacts.

As its title implies, Apple Bananas presents a distinctive and enjoyable taste experience, blending the sugary, fruity essence of apple and banana with a touch of tropical and citrus flavors.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 26%
Height notes 70 - 90 cm.
Yield Notes 500 - 550 gr/m2
Greenhouse Yes
00 Seeds Bank is a Spanish breeder of powerful autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds.They offer a wide range of high quality feminized seeds using the best marijuana genetics and specialize in indica varieties.
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