Afghan Skunk

Ready to Feel Warm all Over?

Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds created a hot mess, by combining Afghan with Skunk. The result? An extremely stable mix which produces tons of sweet resin and a warm high. The Gorilla loves the heavy yield, sweet aroma and spicy hot flavor of the one & only Afghan Skunk. Get yours today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Up to 17% THC
  • 50-65 Day Finish
  • Buy Afghan Skunk Now!
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Product Details

Afghan Warm with a Skunk Kick

Born in the USA, Advanced Seeds Afghan Skunk left the country in the 80s, seeking a warmer reception in Holland. Bred for stability and simplicity, this feminized beauty thrives outside. Gorilla likes these seeds because...

  • Advanced Seeds Afghan Skunk has sick yields
  • Gets warm in as little as 50 days
  • A sweet Indica stone finishing with smooth Sativa high
  • 100% Feminized Seeds at Affordable Prices

Short or tall, indoors or out, you have all the control. 18% THC and a refined aroma, which produces sweet resin, make Afghan Skunk a favourite. It's perfect for beginner seed collectors because it so easy, simple & foolproof. You won't be sorry you went with this amazing seed!

The Gorilla wants you to know that these feminized seeds usually need some additional support to handle their weight - but since when is that a bad thing? Believe it or not, Afghan Skunk Seeds can finish in as little as 50 days - that's just 7 very short little weeks. Start now & find out just how sweet life can be!

Get out of the cold and this shit will get you hot. The Gorilla will get you your marijuana seeds safely and discreetly without a long-ass wait. Cheap prices and our secure site keep you safe and happy.What more could you ask for in a seed bank ran by a big, hairy primate?

Get hot today - order your Afghan Skunk cannabis seeds now!

NB: If you even think about planting these seeds, the Gorilla will go King Kong on your ass. So don't do it or else!

Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds for collection and preservation purposes per UK law. Germination, cultivation and outright growing of this Afghan Skunk strain are strictly prohibited.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Afghani Indica X Skunk
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 17%
Height notes 60 to 100 cm Inside - 2 to 3 m Outside
Flavour Strong
Aroma Strong
Flowering Outdoors End of October
Yield Good
Yield Notes 400 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio Balanced
Afghan Skunk is a classic cannabis seed created by the Advanced Seeds brand. Advanced Seeds is on the forefront of the Spanish seed trade with a wide selection of affordably priced feminized seeds. All breeding stock is 100% organic & no harsh chemicals or artificial substances are used in the completely isolated propagation rooms. Buy your authentic Advanced Seeds today!