Heavy Bud

She’s Sweet, Smooth and Easy!

Advanced Seeds

Heavy Bud is a smooth smoke that carries you along with ape-like strength. This Indica-dominant hybrid is da shit! She’s a Gorilla thrilla that’s versatile and easy and can get used to any kind of digs you expose her to – ideal for first-timers looking for that ganga experience that only K.G.B. can provide. Get yours today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • 18% THC - 400 gr/m2
  • 55 to 65 Day Finish
  • Mostly Indica
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Product Details

Good Herb With Great Stability!

Advanced Seeds crossed some of their favourite varieties to come up with Heavy Bud Feminized. She’s super stable with a high resistance to pests and other sh*t that likes happy herb too. And no need to mix these cannabis seeds for a bake break – they can stand on their own.

She’s steady, even and strong, & she’s so heavy that she can pack a knockout punch with:

  • 18% THC
  • a citric fruit flavour with hints of mint
  • a sweet, soft and fruity aroma
  • a yield of 300 - 400 gr/m2

And you’ll be seeing daisies in 55 to 60 days! Dude! After you fire it up, you’ll be couched and ready for the ultimate comfort of chillaxing with your crew on the patio or vegging in front of the tele. You won't be able to get enough of these killer feminized seeds!

If you have any questions, our helpful customer service doesn’t monkey around. And The Gorilla can get your weed seeds to you for cheap and faster than you can say a ming mang mong.

So buy Heavy Bud Cannabis Seeds from The Gorilla now!

But before you order, know that The Gorilla will send a scary man dressed in an ape suit after your order if illegal activity is suspected, so don’t do it.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Private, Confidential Mix
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 18%
Height notes 70 to 100 cm Inside - 1.5 to 2.5 Meters Outside
Flavour Citrus & Mint
Aroma Strong & Fruity
Flowering Outdoors Beginning of September
Yield Good
Yield Notes 300 to 400 gr/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio mainly indica
Greenhouse Yes
Heavy Bud is a highly productive cannabis seed created by the Advanced Seeds brand. Famous for their breeding programs that include 100% organic stock and isolated propagation rooms, Advanced Seeds is one of the most respected seed suppliers in Spain. For extremely stable & reliable feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, always go with authentic Advanced Seeds.