Apricot Oreoz

Very potent Apricot Jelly and a THC-rich Oreoz

Anesia Seeds

Apricot Oreoz is a hybrid strain created by crossing an extremely aromatic and very potent Apricot Jelly and a THC-rich Oreoz. The strain combines a unique blend of tasty flavours with a very high level of potency. Apricot Oreoz has a flavour like chocolate, cookies, and fruity sweet apricots. The wonderful and balanced mixture of flavours combines to create an unforgettable taste experience.
  • 9 weeks flowering
  • Ideal for high-quality concentrates
  • Chocolate, cookies, and fruity sweet apricots flavour
  • Apricot Oreoz
  • 100% Feminized
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Product Details

With the help of an extensive breeding project, we were able to ensure that the best of both varieties, namely potency, growth traits, and aroma, are combined in a THC-rich premium strain that leaves nothing to be desired.

The Apricot Oreoz high hits you immediately and unmistakably. The effects are long-lasting, spike for hours, and are both mental and physical. The high begins with a rush of energy and an uplifting feeling of happiness that sends the mind flying higher and higher. Finally, a deep relaxation and lightness spread in your body. The mind is full of energy, motivation, and creativity. Strong sativa and indica effects complement and boost each other. Beginners will be quickly overwhelmed by this strain and should not underestimate it, while experienced users will be pleasantly surprised by its clear power.

The high resin production and intense tasty aroma make her an ideal strain for making high-quality concentrates Just like its Oreoz parent

The buds grow large, dense, and have a crystalline coating of trichomes. They mature within 9 weeks of flowering and exude a strong fruity, lemony scent. With the help of a UVB lamp, plants produce even more trichomes, THC, and other cannabinoids. A UVB lamp can be used for about 3 hours in the last 3 weeks of flowering to increase potency and aroma even further.

Outdoors, plants of this strain grow vigorously, tall, and form huge buds that sparkle like diamonds in the sun. Plants are strong and will be ready to harvest outdoors in mid-October.

Due to the complex terpene profile and the super high THC level, the strain is a great choice for treating anorexia, nausea, ADHD, and stress.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Apricot Jelly x Oreoz
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info anorexia, nausea, ADHD, and stress
Greenhouse Yes
Anesia Seeds is one of Gorilla’s newest and most popular SeedBank additions. Since adding Anesia Seeds who specialise specially in very high THC strains we have watched sales escalate in a crazy fashion - Looking at their strain line u, its not surprising as they have some nice beasts in their collection Future #1 and Bruce Banner #3!