Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

Potent, Delicious and Fast

Anesia Seeds

If you’re a fan of unique, lovingly bred strains, they Auto Blackberry Moonrocks is a must try. With a unique terpene profile, lending it sweet and berry flavours, it stimulates the palette. But that’s not all! 25% THC makes it one of the strongest auto flowering strains on the market – what else would you expect from Anesia Seeds?
  • Super Potent: 25% THC
  • Auto-Flowering Version of a Truly Epic Strain!
  • Delicious, Fruity Flavours
  • Good Yield: 450gr/m2
  • Unique Terpene Profile
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Product Details

 If you’ve not heard of Blackberry Moonrocks before, then you’re in for a treat. As one of the strongest strains on the market – 33% THC – Blackberry Moonrocks is a special strain! Now Anesia have got an auto-flowering version, for those short on time but big on getting blazed! Coming in a little weaker, but still blowing your mind, Auto Blackberry Moonrocks contains an impressive 25% THC content, making it one of the strongest auto strains around.. It has 80% Indica genetics. The effects are incredible and are powered by a unique terpene profile. Despite low Sativa genetics, it has a surprisingly strong cerebral rush, giving feelings of energy and euphoria., whilst the Indica holds maintains long-lasting and relaxing highs. Blue Moonrock, Auto Blueberry Banana and Blackberry Kush were crossed to create this masterpiece. What a result!

  • Auto Blackberry Moonrocks
  • 25% THC Rating
  • Mature in 70 days

Indoors, Auto Blackberry Moonrocks can surpass 450gr/m2 in terms of yield, making it a strong competitor in the auto-flowering market. It should be ready for harvest within 70 days. Outdoors, a moderate 180gr per plant is your expected yield. Indoors, 70 – 90cm is what you’re looking at. It remains short outdoors, where it will top out at 100cm. It’s a short plant, great for small spaces. The buds on Auto Blackberry Moonrocks are a delicious deep green, looking like the moon rocks they’re named after.

To taste, expect flavors of lavender and blueberry. The sweet, floral notes of this strain suggest a soft and gentle effect, but don’t be tricked! If you disrespect Blackberry Moonrocks, it will floor you – but in a way that will have you smiling from ear to ear.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
THC notes 25%
Height notes 70-90 cm • 70-100 cm
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 10 weeks
Aroma lavender, blueberry
Indoor Yield 450g/m²
Outdoor Yield 180 g/plant
Greenhouse Yes
Anesia Seeds is one of Gorilla’s newest and most popular Swedbank additions. Since adding Anesia Seeds who specialise specially in very high THC strains we have watched sales escalate in a crazy fashion - Looking at their strain line u, its not surprising as they have some nice beasts in their collection Future #1 and Bruce Banner #3!