One of the strongest and most aromatic cannabis strains available!

Anesia Seeds

Dankberry has exceptional potency & is full of fruity flavors, she tastes of berries and nuts and produces hefty yields.
  • 550g per sqm indoors
  • exceptionally strong and impressive high
  • Little Devil x Skunkberry,
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Product Details

Dankberry is Anesia's newest premium strain developed for its strength and luscious flavor profile. Dankberry is exceptionally strong with an impressive high and at the same time broad sweet terpene profile with good 550 g/m2 yields, the flavor profile is a uniquely delicious tasting of ripe berries and nuts.

  • Dankberry Feminized Seeds
  • delicious tasting
  • Potent THC

The high is unmistakable, capturing an insane level of potency that can be fatal even for the most experienced, the high comes on quickly and hits with a rush of cerebral uplifting euphoria which is creative and energetic before changing into a relaxing body high which will almost certainly lock you to the couch! Dankberry creates a lot of THC during bloom, the glittering and shimmering layer of resin on the flowers becomes increasingly thicker, enveloping each bud and even the leaves of the plant.

It is often taken by those who suffer from mild to moderate depression in order to help them improve their mood. It can stimulate the appetite of someone with an eating disorder or low appetite due to medications. It can also reduce pain and help reduce insomnia.

Dankberry was created from the crossing of Little Devil x Skunkberry and has a unique delicious flavor that will leave you begging for more. This strain produces 2 phenotypes, the first is stocky with darker buds and flowers in 8.5 weeks whilst the second has an increased harvest yield of around 550 grams/m2 and takes an additional week to complete.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
THC V.Strong
Aroma blueberry, nutty
Indica 100% Yes
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Anesia Seeds is one of Gorilla’s newest and most popular SeedBank additions. Since adding Anesia Seeds who specialise specially in very high THC strains we have watched sales escalate in a crazy fashion - Looking at their strain line u, its not surprising as they have some nice beasts in their collection Future #1 and Bruce Banner #3!