Super Potent: 30% THC

Anesia Seeds

Slurricane is one of those strains which makes others seem rather impotent. With 30% THC and almost overwhelming flavours, this beast doesn’t slink in the corners. For those who don’t go careful, you can expect to be floored by Slurricane. Luckily, this Indica dominant strain has overwhelmingly relaxing effects.
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Product Details

Up There With The Very Strongest!

For fans of utter power, Slurricane is a necessary addition to your collection. Levels of THC are pushing 30% here! There are few strains that can beat this, and most can be found at Anesia Seeds. Bred by a long-selected Purple Punch x a Nor-Cal-Cut Dos Si Dos, the genetics make-up of Slurricane is impressive. The original Slurricane was already taking the market by storm, and Anesia decided to push it to its absolute limits. Combined with the ridiculous strength, these buds are smothered in sticky resin, making them a great choice for anybody who enjoys making extractions. As it is 60% Indica, Slurricane has a very long lasting, relaxing high. Feelings of creativity and happiness are to be expected.

  • Extremely Powerful: 30% THC
  • Great Genetics: Purple Punch x Nor-Cal-Cut Dos Si Dos
  • Exciting Flavours: Intensely Fruity

Slurricane’s yields don’t disappoint either. Indoors, you can get up to 450 – 500gr/m2 from a crop. They grow vigorously and easily, perfect for the novice growing who wants nothing too sensitive. That being said, no connoisseur should miss the chance to get some Slurricane either. No matter how advanced you consider yourself, THC levels like this can’t be coaxed from many plants. It will be ready within around 64 days from flowering, so you won’t be waiting too long. Whilst you wait, the development Slurricane is a joy to behold. Slurricane forms very dense, packed flowers that shimmer with the resin they excrete.

An Energetic, Robust Plant.

These are rich, fruity buds, almost overwhelmingly so. The major flavour is that of berries, washing around your palette. It rises into the air about you to bring to the verdant forests of autumn to mind. But don’t be fooled into a false sense of security by these innocent tastes, this is strain means business.. The hardest part about growing Slurricane is the feeling that any other strain may not satisfy you afterwards.

Very Tasty, Very Powerful!

N.B Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK and prohibited by Gorilla Seeds.