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Black Out thumbnail

Black Out

The Beginner's 1st-Class Ticket to Wasteland

Black Out Seeds really are as good as they sound. Even first timers come away with intense Indica power that'll knock you flat on your ass & wipe your memory clean.

  • Fast, Easy & Low Profile
  • Vigorous & Hardy from the Get-Go
Hell Raiser OG thumbnail

Hell Raiser OG

Bred from two of the hottest must-have OG Kush strains, the demonic Hellraiser OG from Archive Seeds has a firebrand reputation the devil himself would be proud of. These weed seeds produce heavy, golf ball sized buds with the classic OG taste and scent plus enough power to melt your face off.
Memory Loss thumbnail

Memory Loss

Ready to Kill a Few Brain Cells?

Memory Loss will fry your brain, erase your memory & knock you right on your ass - & you'll love every second of it. This flavour-packed seed is a stone-cold killer!

  • Amnesia Haze X Face Off OG bx1
  • Extremely Easy, Very Fast, Max Power
Dr Dank's Golden Ticket thumbnail

Mr Dank's Golden Ticket

Golden Goat x Face Off OG have created the winning Archive Seeds Dr Dank’s Golden Ticket. With mind bending pungent, lemon and lime flavoured nuggets. These 50/50 hybrids will have you pinned to your couch wondering if you can really hear “oompa loompa doompety doo”
OverFLO thumbnail


Ready to Put an End to Your Drought?

With OverFLO, you'll never be caught short again! This super-producer is a real knockout with the perfect balance of terpenes & THC!

  • Colorado Flo X Face Off OG bx1
  • Mix of Blueberry, Kush & Lemon/Lime Funk
Race Fuel thumbnail

Race Fuel

Race Fuel is a cross from the super dank OG Kush, famous in the San Fernando Valley for its chemically-diesel fuel aroma and the skull crushing Face Off OG BX1. A Genuine American strain that looks like a typical OG but with increased vigour and lighter shades of green.
Shark Bite thumbnail

Shark Bite

Shark Bite is the perfect beginner strain with easy, fast, giant buds. Crossed from Archives Face Off OG, gives this monster its fruity - skunky aroma while the Great White Shark’s high resin production and strong stone, give this seed its killer bite.
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Latest Archive Seeds review

Mr Dank's Golden Ticket

Matthew Couch, 15 May 2017

Get Your New Prescription for Certified Dank!

Now that Colorado has legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, the underground breeders are letting their fire shine. Archive Seeds, headed up by ThaDocta, is a local favourite & they're soon to be just as famous as Barney's Farm, Dutch Passion or Nirvana Seeds.

  • Available in Very Generous 12 Packs
  • Based on Famous American Genetics - Like OG!
  • Worldwide Shipping & Cheap Prices

Like many American breeders, Archive Seeds only creates regular seeds, but these babies top the charts for power, quality, yield & brain-burning effect - plus they don't f*ck around with measly 3 or 5 packs. ThaDoctor hands out his righteous cannabis seeds by the even dozen!

If you're ready to hit up Archive Seeds for your next cure, The Gorilla's got you covered. We're selling these soon-to-be world famous ganja seeds at a steal. No one's saying how long we can keep the prices this cheap, so get 'em while you can! Our packaging is discreet, our shipping is fast & international - and how can you resist buying your weed seeds from a big hairy ape?

Grab Your Genuine Archive Seeds Today - No One's Got'em Cheaper!

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